Frank Zane Shows Mike O’Hearn Great Exercise That Is Not Done Much Today

Mike O’Hearn joined Frank Zane for a workout including movements that are not done as frequently.

Frank Zane is one of the all-time great bodybuilders. At 79 years old, the 3 x Mr Olympia winner has not stopped training in the gym and continues to share some of his knowledge with others. Recently, Zane was joined by Mike O’Hearn where the two went through some exercises that you might not see much today.

O’Hearn continues to show off a strong physique at 52 years old. He is a former Mr. Universe champion who has built an incredible following. O’Hearn has appeared on many magazine covers because of his natural physique.

Zane is known for being one of the pioneers of bodybuilding. He had battles with Arnold Schwarzenegger and even defeated the best to ever do it back in 1968. Zane went onto win the Mr. America and Mr. Universe title that same year. Over 50 years later, Zane still trains in his home gym and is not shy about helping others.

Mike O’Hearn has taken the same path as Frank Zane in recent years and shared a recent video to his YouTube page showing the encounter.

In the video, Zane is seen coaching O’Hearn during a set of dumbbell pullovers. Zane explains that this is a great exercise that is not performed much anymore. O’Hearn continues with a question to Zane asking what he would say if someone said that the lift causes injury.

“Maybe they would (get hurt), but that’s not me. So who cares anyway you know? I never was concerned with what people say. When I was in the gym, I never even talked to people. I just go in there and train,” Frank zane responded.

“Why don’t you go on social media and show them how to do it the right way? We don’t even have to mention them. Instead of going after people’s natives and criticizing, that’s just giving them attention. Just go out with something positive and say ‘ this is the way you do it.”

Mike O’Hearn went through movements and techniques of Frank Zane and likes hi mentality. He has been training for over 60 years and this mindset has not wavered one bit.

“You’ve got an old-school mentality that I just love. Because I feel like that it’s around the ones I came up with and everything. It’s like ‘yeah, great response it’ll hurt you it won’t hurt me’ it’ll enhance me. It was a minor change but I loved it better than what I do. It was more of a stretch than an over-exaggeration of technique.” Mike O’Hearn said.

Both Mike O’Hearn and Frank Zane have remained in great shape over the years. Contrary to belief, just because a motion is unorthodox or awkward, it does not mean that it will cause injury. This is exactly what Zane was showing here. In fact, it might be the most effective.

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