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Mike O’Hearn Returns For Another Uncut Full GI Exclusive interview

Mike O’Hearn is a bodybuilder with an incredible physique. But he’s also a bodybuilder who focuses just as much on health and longevity as he does on his outward physique. It’s certainly possible to have a sculpted massive physique but be incredible healthy under the hood. O’Hearn understands that and has dedicated his life to overall health.

That’s why in our follow up full length interview with Mike O’Hearn – we dig deep into the health side of bodybuilding. Is it possible to be a mass monster without taking health risks? Does the sport demand a base level of danger? O’Hearn has been dedicated to being all natural his entire career. He brings the kind of insight that’s rare in this industry.

Over the past few months we’ve released multiple GI Exclusive segments from our interview with Mike O’Hearn. We are now releasing the full length interview including additional topics such as – how to be healthy in bodybuilding, the macho complex in lifting culture, and how having a baby changed O’Hearn’s bodybuilding lifestyle.

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Mike O’Hearn Answers: Is A Bodybuilding Lifestyle Bad For Your Heart & Blood Pressure?

Is that fully possible when carrying mass monster levels of muscle? We asked this question to Mike O’Hearn, specifically in regards to heart health and blood pressure. Vlad Yudin states that he had a conversation with a cardiologist claiming that heavy weightlifting and massive muscle is ultimately bad for your heart in the long term. The reasoning behind this is two fold. On one hand, you are still carrying a massive amount of weight on your body. This is harder for the heart to pump blood through. On the other hand, the heart can actually grow like a muscle. Heavy weightlifting can increase hearts size (this is ultimately a bad thing).

When asked about this, Mike O’Hearn had his own rebuttal. He recently visited a cardiologist for a routine check up. Not only is O’Hearn incredibly healthy for his age. He also discussed overall heart heath when it comes to heavy weightlifting. His conversation with a doctor revealed the opposite opinion. Lifting weights helps make the heart stronger. Mix that with a healthy diet and you avoid high blood pressure as well.


So what is the correct answer here? Two different doctors with two different opinions on bodybuilding and heart health. Mike O’Hearn chooses to then look at anecdotal evidence. O’Hearn looks back at pro bodybuilders from the golden era and what we know about their health now in their twilight years. According to O’Hearn, many of these older former bodybuilders are healthier and more able bodied than many people their age. This makes O’Hearn believe bodybuilding, when done correctly, is ultimately healthy for your heart.

Mike O’Hearn puts an important caveat on that statement. It’s very easy for a bodybuilder to abuse the techniques to make up an ultimately unhealthy lifestyle. Bodybuilders can eat crap to bulk up muscle. These “dirty” foods can lead to high blood pressure and ultimately heart problems. Heavy lifting can also go too far. Going hardcore each session in the short term does not look forward towards health in the long term.

O’Hearn also makes one more statement in regards to bodybuilding and heart health. Ultimately, there is a randomness to health as a whole. Some people smoke their whole lives but live to be 100. Some people are incredibly healthy-minded but die in their thirties. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth focusing on health – but it does mean that we shouldn’t accidentally assume coincidence is evidence of an actual statistical trend.

Mike O’Hearn: How Being Macho In Bodybuilding Can Backfire

Mike O’Hearn is an extremely focused and proactive person. It’s been well documented and discussed how seriously he takes his bodybuilding lifestyle in Generation Iron Natty 4 Life. He gets up at the crack of dawn to train every single morning. He never misses one day. On top of that, he’s stuck to an incredibly strict diet to obtain a physique that many think is impossible to build without steroids. O’Hearn has stayed consistent in his all natural claims. With the kind of intense routine he follows – he just might be one of the few to really pull that kind of natural physique off.

But behind all of that focus and strict routine – how does he deal with anxiety and depression? What does Mike O’Hearn do when life throws a tragic curveball? We asked this very question to O’Hearn during our latest interview.

Mike O’Hearn reflects back on two times in his life that were very painful. It was the moment his mother and father passed away. Both deaths occurred separate from each other. His father passed first. At the time, O’Hearn decided to push his emotions and grief down. He wanted to be strong and macho. The kind of strong man that mentally to mach his massive muscle.


It wasn’t until after Mike O’Hearn’s mother passed away that the pain and grief he was suppressing all poured out. Everything that he had avoided during his father’s death boiled up to the surface on top of his new grief upon his mother passing. O’Hearn spiraled into a depressed state. The only thing that brought consistency into his life was his ongoing training and nutrition schedule. It was the only thing he had control over.

Ultimately, Mike O’Hearn slowly recovered and pulled himself out of the hole. By facing his emotions and admitting to others that he was facing emotional struggles – he was able to finally face a series of grief that he had been avoiding for years.

Mike O’Hearn tops off the conversation with advice for others who are facing anxiety or depression. Speak out about it. Be open and don’t be afraid to reveal the pain you are going through. Whether that’s speaking to a family member, a friend, or getting professional help.

Many bodybuilders entered into the bodybuilding lifestyle because they wanted to be strong. Perhaps because they were bullied as a kid or simply unhappy with the way they looked. This creates a sort of macho mentality down the road. Bodybuilders will do anything possible to appear strong – not just physically but emotionally.

Mike O’Hearn wants the world to know that it’s okay to open up. That there is actual strength in admitting to grief or anxiety or depression. Instead of hiding behind muscle and a tough guy persona – be honest with not only yourself but also others. It will make you stronger in the end. It will also hopefully make you a happier and more fulfilled person in the big picture.

Wrap Up

Mike O’Hearn provides a unique insight into the world of natural bodybuilding – making this full conversation a must watch. There are far many more topics we discussed in our hour plus interview that could be vital for anyone looking for insight into optimizing bodybuilding training. So make sure to watch our latest full length GI Exclusive interview with Mike O’Hearn above!

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