Mike Rashid talks straight about the idea of drug testing in bodybuilding.

Earlier in 2019, Arnold Schwarzenegger split the bodybuilding world wide open when he made a comment about drug use in pro bodybuilding. Specifically, he confidently made a call for pro leagues to bring drug testing into the sport. Not only for the fairness of the competition but for the health of the athletes who are trying to become the best at any cost.

Ever since the “Arnold Schwarzenegger Moment,” we have made it a point to ask all the major names in the industry on their take on drug testing in bodybuilding. In our latest sit down interview with Mike Rashid, he holds nothing back and gets completely honest about his personal take about not only drug testing but drugs in bodybuilding as a whole.

Arnold’s comments have created a constant debate amongst bodybuilding fans, trainers, and the athletes themselves. Sure, this has been a conversation in bodybuilding before – but with a big and historically important name in the sport such as Arnold making the call… could it actually lead to some sort of change? Would that change even be a good thing? And is it hypocritical of Arnold to bring it up at all?

Mike Rashid has no interest in drug testing for pro bodybuilding competitions. To him this would ruin the sport. He furthermore believes that the drugs are not a real issue and don’t cause anywhere near as many health issues as people believe. With the information becoming more detailed year after year, Rashid argues that most pro bodybuilders know exactly what they are doing and how to do it safely.

You can check out Mike Rashid go into detail about drugs in bodybuilding, drug testing, and how the advancement of drugs affect athlete physiques throughout the decades in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.

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