Milos Sarcev claims that bodybuilders don’t need gurus, including even himself, at all.

An interesting evolution happened in bodybuilding when we kicked into the mass monster era in the late 80s and into the 90s. The bodybuilding world suddenly became introduced to the concept of bodybuilding gurus. These are bodybuilding coaches and trainers with such insightful expertise that they become seen as legends. They are must-have assets in the journey towards becoming a champion pro bodybuilder. But in a sport that existed without gurus for decades before, are these coaches even necessary? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Milos Sarcev, a guru himself, admits that bodybuilders have no need for gurus.

In today’s bodybuilding landscape, gurus are almost to bodybuilding as coaches are to other sports. Fans clamor and excitedly follow which top pro bodybuilder is training with which legendary coach. Names like Charles Glass, Chris Aceto, Hany Rambod, George Farah, Psycho Fitness, and Neil Hill quickly come to mind. These are the top dogs when it comes to coaching, training, and advising bodybuilders. But the sport wasn’t always like that. Or at least, not to the level it’s become.

Milos Sarcev is also in the pantheon of bodybuilding gurus. He provides advice and coaching for many athletes to this day. But during our interview with Milos, we asked him what advice he would give to aspiring young bodybuilders looking to break through into the pros. Milos was quick to answer with a surprising statement. You don’t need gurus. You don’t even need people like Milos himself.

“You don’t really need people like me or Chad or George Farah or Chris Aceto,” Milos Sarcev states in our interview. “You don’t. If you do your research… research is out there. You apply what makes sense to you.”

The concept of a bodybuilder doing more research was brought up many times in our conversation with Milos. He’s stood by it when it comes to the dangers of steroids and insulin. He’s defended those drugs in the sport consistently. He claims if you do your research and take these drugs correctly, they are not dangerous.

So perhaps due to the rise of top name gurus, today’s bodybuilders don’t feel the need to do as much research. Why take time away from training and dieting when you can pay a coach or guru to do that hard thinking for you? Many have complained in our past interviews that bodybuilders have to become more responsible for the mental work that comes with the sport. They can’t blame a guru for a health mishap. They should take a gurus advice and do research to contrast and compare and make a real decision for his or herself.

There have been successful superstar bodybuilders before gurus. There have even been successful pro bodybuilders in our modern era without the help of coaches as well. Despite being a guru himself, Milos seems to acknowledge this. A bodybuilder shouldn’t use a lack of a coach as an excuse for lack of success.

You can check out Milos Sarcev’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview above. He also shares some free advice on protein intake in the back half of this interview. Perhaps as a stepping stone to prompt aspiring bodybuilders to forge ahead with research without the need of a guru.