Fitness Enthusiast Danni Levy Shows Off Toned Abs Just Weeks After Giving Birth

Danni Levy
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Danni Levy remained in great shape all through her pregnancy and that is the case after the birth.

The sport of bodybuilding is not the only way to be active in the fitness world. Sometimes, you do not have to be a competitor at all. Recently, fitness enthusiast Danni Levy has been sharing more and more photos showing off her flat stomach and toned abs after giving birth in January.

Levy built a slim and muscular physique over the years and was able to maintain it throughout her pregnancy as well. Levy, who is the editor of Muscle and Health Magazine, has been hard at work in the gym and shows it off on social media.


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In January, Danni Levy gave birth to a baby boy named Leo. Just a few days after the birth, the new mother was back to sharing physique updates for her followers. On Instagram, many commenters were crediting Levy for being an inspiration.

“Haven’t changed in 15 years and three weeks after giving birth you’re a machine Danni ❤️ love to you and the family.”


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There are many inspirations in the fitness world. Whether it be in bodybuilding or just a person who is following a dream. Last summer, 70-year-old Renee Landers began bodybuilding and was able to win a show she entered.

Prior to the birth of her son, Landers would run five or six miles a day. She suffered severe backspin following the birth of her only child and could not run. For 25 years, Landers struggled to do any physical activity because of the pain. That would all change when she went through a lower lumbar fusion surgery in October 2009.

From that moment on, Renee Landers began working out and training to get on stage.

Danni Levy has not shared an interest in competing in bodybuilding but is clearly part of the fitness world — both personally and in her job. She is nearing 100,000 followers on social media and is not afraid to provide different inspirations.

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