YouTube Sensation MrBeast Shows Off Crazy Weight Loss Transformation

Physique Transformation

MrBeast has taken on a new lifestyle and wanted to show off the results to his weight loss transformation.

MrBeast, who’s real name is James Stephen Donaldson, has taken over YouTube and created an empire for himself. Over the years, he has taken his business to the next level and is beginning to do the same with his physique. Donaldson recently shared a transformation showing off his weight loss.

From his days as a teenager, MrBeast began creating different videos for entertainment. He continues to create videos including different challenges and experiments he does. Along with personal challenges, MrBeast often gives others a chance to win different items.

Donaldson has become extremely popular. He is one of the most subscribed to individuals on YouTube with 163 million. MrBeast has a personal page along with one showing off his gaming, reaction videos, and philanthropy work. Of course, many fitness stars focus on transforming their physiques because of competition but many actors and celebrities have done the same.

Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are two of the more popular actors who have maintained a shredded physique, along with Zac Efron and Chris Hemsworth. MrBeast has started taking on a similar mindset in bettering himself and taking on a new lifestyle.


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MrBeast Shows Off Physique Transformation

MrBeast showed off his transformation on both Twitter and Instagram. In his caption, he committed to a cleaner diet and workout plan, including 12,500 steps per day.

“Woke up and realized I was obese so I started lifting and walking 12,500 steps a day. Still got a long way to being yoked but I’m happy with my progress so far ???? (also if I’m not actually jacked out of my mind in a year it’s 100% @paras_kaltsas fault. I just do what he says haha)”


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The work that MrBeast has put in has been impressive and has gained the attention of many. This includes bodybuilding legend Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe greatest bodybuilder of all-time commented on Donaldson’s post on Instagram with a single thumbs up.

It is clear that MrBeast is committed to his new goals and will continue to work to improve himself. He shared that he is not done yet and has more improvements that he wants to make to his physique.

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