Use These 3 Machines For The Best Muscle Building Cardio

Cardio isn’t just to get lean.

For bodybuilders cardio is usually treated as the form of exercise that’s meant to get the body as lean as possible. The whole process of bodybuilding is delicate yet cardiovascular training has always been treated with a certain stigma. Rather than focusing on building quality muscle, cardio is treated like a delicate process that if performed wrong could mean saying goodbye to all of your gains.

But the reality is that cardio can be your friend. In fact, having a good cardio program can mean building more muscle in the long run as opposed to losing your gains. Certain cardio machines can mean muscle growth in some key parts of the body. There are quality treadmills great for home training that will provide convenient gains and are products worth the money.

Incline Treadmill Sprint

The first and most obvious cardio machine has already been mentioned: the treadmill. If you’re on the cardio machine simply to get a sweat or a warm up then you’re going to want to do low intensity walking so you’re not sacrificing your muscle.

But if you’re looking to build muscle in your hamster and abs then putting the treadmill into incline mode and sprinting can force your muscles into action. Sprinting is a great form of muscle building cardio. The incline mode just allows you to target two muscle groups all at once. Put your treadmill on incline, do some sprints, and you abs and hamstrings will thank you later.

Rowing Machine

Another great form of muscle building cardio is the rowing machine. While many people believe that the rowing machine works your upper body, the truth is that rowing is a total body movement. Rowing machines will help engage all of your muscle groups, but the glutes and the quads are worked the most. You’ll blast fat and build muscle all at once with this machine.

Airdyne Bike

Perhaps one of the greatest cardio machines out there is the airdyne bike. It’s used by athletes from all different sports including boxing and MMA. The airdyne bike can build up your stamina while at the same time expand the muscle in the quads and the calves. By performing multiple rounds on the airdyne bike, thirty seconds on and thirty off, then you’ll undoubtedly melt the fat from your frame and boost the muscle growth in your lower half.

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