Muscular Development Magazine Reportedly Ceasing Print Publication

Muscular Development Magazine will reportedly cease publishing moving forward.
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Muscular Development Magazine will no longer offer a print edition.

After nearly 60 years, Muscular Development Magazine is reportedly shutting down publication of its print edition.

Rick Collins, who has been apart of the magazine for 22 years as a writer, shared a post on Facebook on Thursday sharing the news.

“It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Official Muscular Development Magazine. After 250 monthly columns spread out over 22 years, touching on all things fitness, hormones, law, and culture, I have been advised that the magazine is closing up shop and will print no further issues. So sad. When I started, print was still a powerhouse and social media didn’t yet exist. It’s a different world now. I will deeply miss working with the members of Team MD, and I wish them well in all their future endeavors. What’s next for me? I’ll keep my day job lawyering my butt off and maybe see what else looks interesting!”

Along with print, reports say that the company as a whole will be shutting down but this has not been confirmed to this point. Collins also shared a story written on Twitter with the caption “the end of an era.”

Muscular Development Magazine Ending An Era Of Print

Bob Hoffman founded Muscular Development and published the first edition in 1964. John Grimek was the first editor of the magazine and remained in this role until 1986. This was the year that the magazine was sold to Twin Labs.

Current owner Steve Blechman bought Muscular Development from Twin Labs in 2001. Many of the top bodybuilders in the world over the years have been featured on the cover. This spanned across multiple generations from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Ronnie Coleman & Jay Cutler to Chris Bumstead.

Many influential names in bodybuilding have worked with Muscular Development over the years Dave Palumbo and John Romano. The company worked to report news and conducted interviews within the bodybuilding industry. With the loss of publication, this ends the era of one of the final bodybuilding magazines that offered print.

Former Muscular Development Writer John Romano on The Death Of Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazines

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