UFC Legend Nam Phan’s Speech Leaves Fans Concerned, Begins CTE Conversation

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A video of Nam Phan has gone viral because of his slurred speech.

UFC icon Nam Phan enjoyed a long and successful career as an MMA fighter and professional boxer. Fans of the legend are shocked after watching a recent video that shows slurred speech compared to a decade ago.

Phan retired from the UFC in 2017 but continues to take part in boxing and Muay Thai bouts in retirement. His career began in 2001 when he started competing in MMA. Phan became known after appearing on The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck. He displayed incredible skill and tenacity as part of Team Koscheck.

Phan began fighting in the UFC in 2010 and earned ‘Fight of the Night’ honors on three separate occasions. Over the course of his career, Phan competed in Bellator MMA and Pancrase. Overall, he has taken part in 38 MMA bouts and 12 boxing matches. His final bout came in 2017, a loss to Robert Whiteford.


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Video Of Nam Phan Goes Viral

The video in question was shared on Tuesday and it compares the speech of Nam Phan from over a decade ago to recent years. It began by showing footage from 2010, including a post-fight interview, and ended with film from 2022.

Phan’s speech is slowed down and slurred recently and this has left fans concerned, sparking conversations surrounding CTE.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, is a brain disorder which has been linked to head trauma. It can only be diagnosed after death. The term has become synonymous with the NFL due to repeated blows to the head that come within the game. It has been revealed that CTE can lead to dementia, personality changes, and even depression.

Nam Phan continues to stay involved in the world of fighting. He competes in post-retirement bouts and teaches Muay Thai classes as well.

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