Nick Walker On Hadi Choopan: ‘He Has the Ability To Win The Olympia As Much As I Do’

Nick Walker believes that Hadi Choopan flies under the radar a bit in bodybuilding.

Hadi Choopan has turned into one of the best bodybuilders in the world but is there a chance that he is still a bit underrated? Nick Walker recently spoke on Choopan during a recent Q&A and feels like he is not mentioned as much as he should be.

Choopan does not appear on stage much but his preparation is up there with the best in the world. Despite Visa issues in the past, he has competed at the Olympia in each of the last three years. Choopan began competing professionally in 2013 and earned a gold medal at the Amateur Olympia in 2018. After another victory during the 2019 Vancouver Pro, Choopan finished third at the Olympia that same year. The 2020 show saw Choopan finish fourth.

In 2021, Hadi Choopan was able to make it to Orlando and many thought he showed up with the best physique. Choopan finished third, behind Big Ramy and Brandon Curry, but this was a controversial victory. There were many around bodybuilding that believed Choopan was the best-conditioned competitor at the show.

This is where Nick Walker began his answers when discussing Choopan.

“I don’t think Hadi gets mentioned as much because he’s probably a little smaller but he has the ability to win the Olympia just as much as I do. His conditioning was second to none and backstage, he was the most impressive bodybuilder,” Walker explained.

Hadi Choopan edged out Hunter Labrada and Nick Walker, who finished fourth and fifth respectively at the Olympia. Walker is not the first competitor to say that Choopan showed up in the best shape.

Nick Walker also took some time to discuss Blessing Awodibu, who used to have a bit of a rivalry with Walker. This stemmed from previous competitions but they have seemed to settle any differences. The two have since began training together on multiple occasions and Walker believes Awodibu is going to be a dark-horse this year.

“I think Blessing is going to surprise us and I think he’s going to place really, really well.”

The 2022 Olympia is scheduled to take place in December and returning to Las Vegas. There are many competitors near the top that can win the show and this includes both Nick Walker and Hadi Choopan.

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