5 Reasons Not To Compete in Bodybuilding Shows

5 Reasons Not To Compete in Bodybuilding Shows

Many people who are serious about bodybuilding have a dream of stepping onto the stage one day. Competing in a bodybuilding show is a certificate in itself that you’re serious about your craft. On the other hand, there are people who would do anything to escape the idea of stepping onto a stage with ripped guys.

Since you’re reading this article, we’re assuming you’re from the latter group. Once you’re done with this article, you’ll have enough things to say to people who suggest you should compete in bodybuilding shows.

5 Reasons/Excuses to Not Compete in Bodybuilding Shows

1. Genetics

Not everyone is born to be a bodybuilder. Genetics play a major role in shaping your muscles. If you have a genetically weak muscle group, don’t bother getting on stage and wasting your, your competitor’s, the audience’s and the judge’s time.

No matter how hard you workout, someone genetically superior will always beat you. You can’t overlook your muscle proportions while preparing for a contest. Even if one of your muscle groups is lagging, you should consider dropping out of the competition.

2. Conditioning

Bodybuilding shows are supposed to be freak shows. People fill up auditoriums to look at muscular giants. If you’re planning to compete, make sure you do justice to these people and give them their money’s worth.

If your muscles aren’t in their peak conditions and the lines and striations don’t show, you should save yourself the trouble of getting up on the stage. Do everyone a favor, get a seat in the audience and enjoy the show.

3. Stage Fright

Not everyone can handle the pressure which comes with getting on a stage. If you’re good enough, you’ll be asked to perform your routine which means you’ll have to handle the stage and the audience single-handedly.

Posing is easier said than done. Legends like Arnold and Kai Greene have been documented taking posing classes, and you might need one (or many) as well. If you can’t think of showing off your ripped physique without getting overwhelmed, bodybuilding shows aren’t for you.

4. Someone is Pushing You

We appreciate the fact you have supportive friends and family, but this shouldn’t be the only reason for you to compete. Take a long and close look at your physique before deciding to sign the competition contract.

Run through the list of athletes competing in the show and make sure you stand a chance against them. Having an experienced coach will pay dividends when it comes to having honest opinion and feedback about your physique.

5. Bad Skin

If your body is full of acne or other marks, it is better to stay off the stage. Some people also consider tattoos to be a setback. Tattoos which don’t take up a lot of real estate on your body can cause no harm.
Choosing the right tan can make a big impact on how you look onstage. An expert eye can always catch the difference between a healthy and bad skin. Getting on the dermatologist table before the stage will be a smarter decision.

Are you planning to compete in a bodybuilding show?

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  1. As a Former Competitive Bodybuilder I only partially agree with this Article I Believe if you’re Desire is to Compete Then Compete the Only way to learn is by doing not by someone giving you reasons not too!!!!

    • I’m completely with you on this. I’ll never be able to compete above a local NPC Men’s Physique show and I’m ok with that. But it’s a dream of mine, and an experience I’ll always remember… don’t really care if I come in dead last but once I can go 24 months without injury, I’m going to do it..

  2. if you want to compete in bodybuilding you have to enjoy the idea of putting on oil and a bikini then flex your chest and glutes for a group of men who will judge you and pick the one that they like the best, if the idea of doing this turns you on then bodybuilding is your calling so go ahead.

  3. If you spend money to be on a stage, you are actually financing the show. Think what you can get back. If you win a pro card in the right country, you may get some daily jobs. However, its usually not a stable income. Most people I saw, do it for fun until they get other priorities.

  4. Amount of drugs that shorten your life, everyone outside your circles will think it’s all “steriods” no matter how hard you train, lastly you will have to purchase to airline tickets as you can’t fit in one seat.

  5. Pointless competing anymore when you can use 2 scoops of pre workout…good lighting, instagram filters and show off a desired bodypart of your choice.
    Its gets MORE recognition and MORE wow factor now.

    • Unfortunately yea… I’ve put multiple companies on blast for the bullshit “if you wanna become sponsored “ shit they do yet make people pay for product first then feature them in their companies profiles …that’s not sponsorship if you buy the product first it’s what new companies do for free advertising and that’s why a lot of the sponsored athletes you see on Instagram look like shit yet have 15k followers

  6. This is garbage. Some people use competitions to conquer stage fright and overcome disabilities. Just because they aren’t mass monsters (which shouldn’t win with GH guts, thick waist lines, etc but that’s another topic) doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get up there. This is about encouraging each other to be their best. This article does the opposite by telling people to give up if you’re not huge, on steroids, sponsored, and have the $5k a month to spend on groceries. This is a disgrace. This page is becoming a pile of tabloid shit that does not support the growth of the sport

  7. Here’s five reasons not to compete.

    1. Promoters charge way too much for entry fees

    2. Bodybuilding organization Membership fees are way too high.

    3. People are forced to join a team to place higher, and get diet plans from a person who’s not even a registered dietitian.

    4. Bodybuilding competition promoters only care about one thing is getting your money and making their pockets fatter.

    5. Just read the first four that should be enough of a reason not to complete and keep making these greedy promoters Rich

  8. So if you have 1 lackung group dont get on stage? So by that logic everyone exceot phil heath should stay home lmao. You guys should read what u post before u post

  9. Generation Iron why would you discourage someone because of genetics? That’s complete garbage, it plays a factor but it’s not going to ruin your chances of competing at a higher level. Terrible article. Tony

    • Genetics are a huge factor lol if you naturally have skinny arms or legs that’s gonna hurt you.
      Branch is a guy that out worked genetics, Flex wheeler is an example of great genetics. No one talks about Branch as an uncrowded Mr Olympia. Not because he didn’t try, but maxed out he is short and square, hard work won’t fix that.
      Phil Heath was nicknames the gift because he was born with the right parts to bodybuild

    • I never said it didn’t play one, I actually said it does. Read what I said. I said it’s garbage to discourage people from competing. If someone wants to not make the contest due to genetics, let them. Lol keep what I said in context dude.

  10. Lol is this satire? So if you can’t be the best in the world don’t bother trying? The author of this article should apply the same logic to his journalism career


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