WATCH – Inside Nutrabio: A Behind The Scenes Tour

A deep dive into Nutrabio – one of the biggest bodybuilding and fitness supplement brands in the industry.

Supplements have become not only a major part of bodybuilding – but a major part of fitness and health across the world. The supplement industry has boomed over the past century and with that have come many companies that are looking to get a piece of the pie. With ever changing regulations, it can be hard for consumers to know what exactly they are putting into their bodies. Trust in a brand and trust in what is on the product label is paramount. That’s what supplement company Nutrabio prides themselves on – they go beyond FDA regulations to be the most trusted supplement brand on the market.

Nutrabio founder and CEO Mark Glazier invited Generation Iron to take the cameras behind the veil of the company. What followed was an in-depth tour of Nutrabio’s manufacturing and testing process. Nutrabio has always been transparent when it comes to their process – but now you can go even further with a complete visual tour of each step in Nutrabio’s process from start to finish.

Mark Glazier: The man behind Nutrabio

Mark Glazier has always held himself up to high standards of success. This was true even before the creation of Nutrabio. Before starting his company, Glazier was invested into martial arts since he was seven years old. He opened his first school when he was fourteen (unofficially) and later had a chain of studios.

A major part of martial arts is self discipline. It’s that kind of quality that he brought into the supplement world. Upon running his martial arts studios – Glazier became increasingly more interested in the nutrition side of fitness. He would suggest and recommend supplements to his students – and break down the science as to why they would need a certain product to improve their goals.

Eventually, this interest became so all-consuming that he decided to start his own supplement company. This is when Nutrabio was born. His goal was to not only be the best in the market – but to also provide consumers what he saw was severely lacking in supplements: trust and quality.

Mark Glazier Nutrabio

The Nutrabio Process

Nutrabio’s manufacturing process is bookended by testing. When the product creation process starts – all ingredients are tested for a variety of factors. When the manufacturing process is finished – the final product goes through those same tests again. The goal? To make sure that the quality and safety of every product has remained in tact from start to finish.

The FDA has a set of standards and regulations that all supplement manufacturers must abide by. Nutrabio goes beyond that with its own set of standards. These standards are even more strict than what the US government demands. That’s the kind of dedication to quality and safety Nutrabio gives to their product.

In addition to in house safety features, Nutrabio also provides a specific website to consumers. Each product has its own barcode. This can be submitted to a special site that breaks down the full safety and test results from manufacturing. Quite literally, a consumer can see the details on how their specific bottle of supplement was created. That’s just how dedicated the company is to trust and safety.

The End Result

When watching our behind-the-scenes tour of Nutrabio’s facilities – you get the feeling of walking through a secret government laboratory. As Mark Glazier himself details every step of the process – it becomes clear just how many small details must be considered. Nutrabio manufactures their own products rather than outsource to a third part manufacturing facility. This provides them with complete control. Not only that – they can provide fresh product directly to the consumer.

With many other brands, there’s no telling exactly how long a product has been bottled when you buy it off the shelves. With Nutrabio, you can be rest assured that the product is fresh to the consumer. Detail, control, and passion are key words to describe Mark Glazier and the Nutrabio process. That’s the end result. It’s the reason that Nutrabio stands in the top percentile of the supplement world.

Nutrabio bodybuildingOur recommended Nutrabio Products

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Wrap up

If you’re interested in learning more about Mark Glazier and Nutrabio, make sure to head over to their official website to check out their offerings and their mission. You can also watch the full behind-the-scenes video tour above!

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