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We made our list. You made yours. CT Fletcher belongs on both of them.

Okay. We admit it. We made a little mistake. We weren’t exactly clear about the difference between two of our recent posts – one being our list of the top five must see YouTube bodybuilders; another being a second list of fan picks that didn’t make our original one. Some of you might not have understood that on our second list we were leaving out our first picks. But in the end, this little flub made one thing perfectly clear – CT Fletcher is the ultimate muscle bound, powerhouse, kick ass YouTube star out there for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

We looked through your comments and one thing became abundantly clear. No matter what the list – you just can’t leave CT Fletcher off of it when you’re talking about powerlifting, bodybuilding, or weight training on YouTube. Our fans don’t let us get away with anything (as it should be!).

So this post will be the ultimate list. A list of one. A declaration of the ultimate and undisputed king of shredded YouTube personalities. CT Fletcher is a foul mouthed, bad ass, passionate of all things weight lifting and iron. And now we know for sure – because you, the fans, have spoken.


GI Team
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