The rivals duke it out before they get on stage.

FLASHBACK: This post was originally written on September 18th, 2014 at last year’s Mr. Olympia event.

We attended the Olympia 2014 press conference yesterday – and let’s just say we’re happy that we didn’t miss it. Everything about this year is screaming 50th anniversary. Everyone can feel it, the fans, the athletes, even the arena and hotel staff can’t escape the tension. The entire bodybuilding world has stepped up and brought 110% for what will likely be a Mr. Olympia for the ages. And who feels it most above all? Kai Green and Phil Heath.

The back and forth between these two was intense and cutting. Neither let each other get a chance to relax – constantly interrupting each other and trying to get under each other’s skin. If this kind of extreme intensity is what we can expect up on stage tomorrow, we will all be in for a treat. No one is safe from these competitors wrath.

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