Olympia 2017 Men’s Physique Callout Reports

Men’s Physique battle it out on the stage during pre judging.

We are now well underway with the Olympia 2017 weekend and prejudging has started here in Las Vegas! The Men’s Physique competitors have come on stage for comparisons. Check out the callouts below:

1st Callout

Raymont Edmonds

Andre Ferguson

Logan Franklin

Brandon Hendrickson

Ondrej Kmostak

Jeremy Potvin

Ryan Terry

Jeremy Buendia

2nd Callout

Raymont Edmonds

Logan Franklin

Ondrej Kmostak

Jeremy Potvin

Ryan Terry

3rd Callout

Anton Antipov

Dean Balabis

George Brown

Sergi Constance


Joseph Lee

Luis Fernando Rios

Long Wu

4th Callout

Jake Alvarez

Ahmad DeGuzman

Scott Dennis

Kyron Holden

Diogo Montenegro

Marvin Moss

Arya Saffaie

5th Callout

Raymond Akinlosotu

Thomas Bakke

Brian Barthule

Jonny Bernstein

Suraqah Shabazz

Antoine Weatherspoon

6th Callout

Jonny Bernstein

Michael Ferguson

Coty Hart

Nikolay Kuleshov

Anthony Scalza

Antoine Williams

Anthony Woods

7th Callout (TOP 3)

#13 Andre Ferguson

#18 Brandon Hendrickson

#35 Jeremy Buendia

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