Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Review: Is It The Muscle Gainer You’ve Been Waiting For?

Is it a perfect solution?

Health is the most crucial wealth that humans should afford to accumulate…!! We have a majority group of people looking for effective weight loss. Well, we have a small lot of people looking for sufficient weight gain. Surprisingly, it is a hard task for some people to gain good weight. We have an impactful solution…!! Have you heard of Nutrition Gainer supplements(1)? Let us suggest, Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer is one of the most productive products in this regard.

When your health is in the right direction, you succeed well in all aspects of your life. This product is unique in its composition and rich in nutritional value for efficient weight gain. It is advanced in formulation and manufacturing processes and considered exceptionally well for your overall health requirements. Let us check further on the intrinsic details of the product.

Why is Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer preferred?

Gaining weight (2) requires the right balance of heavy and effective training, along with quality rich nutrition. Every single person is different as far as their bones, and muscle composition is considered. So some people may require a longer time to pack on and settle their muscles than others. This product delivers the necessary nutrients in the right proportion for a good calorie count. This makes a delicious shake with protein, vitamins, and minerals and carbs for a balanced diet.

It contains 60 grams of very high-quality protein that help you start the recovery process under any health condition as easy as possible. It is packed with 85 grams of carbohydrates and, therefore, beneficial in restoring your energy levels as and when required. Also, it has 32 Vitamins and Minerals for all-round health requirements. One serving contains 650 calories with just 1 gram of sugar. It is a series of products that lets you choose from a variety of options available. This particular product is manufactured in the Double Rich Chocolate flavor, which makes consumption easy. It is also available in other flavors like the Banana Cream Pie, Strawberry Cream, and Vanilla Custard with 5 pounds and 10-pound quantity.


  • Good post-recovery workout shake and can also be consumed between meals for high protein requirements
  • Mixes well and forms a delicious shake without any lump formation
  • Does not cause any side effects or damage the stomach
  • Quick in reaction and fast in giving results


  • Packaging can be better

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Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer contains 14 servings per container. 1 scoop contains 165g. Each meal has 650 calories, which include various nutrients. Let us discuss it here.

Carbs and Fat:

Carbohydrates play a significant role in retaining all the protein and minerals in our body. One can’t just aim to attain a perfectly shaped body without the fats and carbs. Each serving of this wonder supplement helps you in keeping your body sustained and without getting drained of our energy. There are no traces of trans fat in the product, and it contains 80 mg of Cholesterol and 380 mg of Sodium, respectively. The total carbohydrate content is 85g of which dietary fiber is 5g, and total sugars are 7g (includes 2g added sugar).

Proteins and Vitamins:

Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer consists of essential minerals and proteins, which help absorb the nutrients and goes smooth on the digestive system. The much essential calcium and iron boost bone strength and helps or support muscle strengthening. Packed with 60g of proteins per serving, this health supplement works as a premium enrichment powder, which acts as a booster and helps you in your post and pre-workout source of energy.

Other Nutrients:

The human body requires numerous micronutrients other than the essential proteins or carbs to build a healthy body. These nutrients assist in building muscle growth and strength. Optimum Nutrition consists of 26 such beneficial vitamins and minerals that co-work with carbohydrates and proteins by providing you the much-needed energy to workout.

Predominantly, this health supplement contains nutrients from Milk, Egg, Soy, and Wheat.


Whey Protein

Whey Protein is an excellent way to get protein, which is the best in quality. It is complete and contains all the essential amino acids. It gets easily digested and absorbed within the body. As we grow older, we lose a lot of muscles naturally. Whey protein prevents this to a great extent. It contributes to active muscle growth and keeps it well maintained and ensures it is always strengthened. It helps lower blood pressure, keep type 2 diabetes under control, and reduces inflammation to a great extent.

Calcium Caseinate

It is entirely lactose-free, high in protein, and does not contribute to carbs or fats. It gets released and absorbed slowly, but very useful. It is rich in BCAAs and Glutamine for muscle recovery and growth after a heavy workout.

Egg Whites

Egg whites  are entirely cholesterol-free, low-calorie food, rich in protein and essential nutrients for good cardiovascular health. It keeps blood pressure under control and contains all the vital vitamins.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential for various purposes. It increases muscle growth, reduces muscle soreness, and controls the extent of exercise fatigue. It prevents muscle wasting and helps people recover from liver disease. It prevents muscle damage of any form. Amino Acids help in increasing the endurance levels and ensure you work out better. It also enhances lean muscle growth by increasing the extraordinary amount of necessary protein synthesis, which will further empower muscle growth and repair. Rebuilding muscles that were broken down during exercise can be easily handed in this manner.

Is it safe to consume this product?

Supplements for gaining weight are rich in protein and necessary vitamins and minerals. We should supplement our body with such rich nutrients for good health. You can see your desired benefits getting fulfilled quickly. It is not a product for diagnosis, or that can be used as a medicine for treatment. It is useful for energizing your mind and body for heavy training, muscle building, and for staying consistently strong mentally.

Some people are allergic to dairy products. As this product contains nutrients from milk, sensitive people need to consult their doctor before consuming it regularly. Another important aspect is the quantity and timing of consumption. Make sure you prepare it using the right methods and have it at the right time. Here is a short description that can help you.

When and how to consume?

This supplement is best regarded for a complete post work out recovery and weight gain. Hence, it can be consumed after heavy training, spending many hours at your gym. It can be consumed as a snack between meals as well.

Take a spoon full of the Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer and mix it with a glass of water, no fat milk or any other beverage of your choice. Mix it thoroughly with water and stir it without forming any lumps. It takes about 20 seconds for the powder to completely dissolve well. You can add this powder with your favorite beverage and shake it for 20 seconds to make it your favorite shake. Mixing it with milk gives a thicker shake for people who prefer to have it in that way…!!

My Opinion

When I look for a product to gain weight healthily, I desire for a product that contains all the necessary nutrients for building up muscles in a conservative manner. We expect it to be easy to prepare, simple to consume, and delicious to have. We also want it to be cost-effective and affordable by all ordinary people. This product, Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer, has all the necessary nutrients in the right proportion and considered very healthy for regular consumption. Additionally, it does not bring any side effects that can harm your body in any way. Hence, in my notion, this is a right product by all means.

How much does it cost?

It is fixed at $39.78, which means it is $0.49 per ounce. It is a fair deal and cost-effective compared to all similar products. In any case, it is always fine to pay this amount to get a complete package of essential nutrients.

My Overall Rating Of Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey Protein

  • Effectiveness – 9/10 Stars
  • Ingredients – 8.5/10 Stars
  • Taste – 8.5/10 Stars
  • Price – 9/10 Stars

Final Thoughts

Traditionally, people consume a lot of fat-rich food items to increase and witness weight gain. They try to increase the quantity and consume more food for every meal regularly. However, it will increase lousy fat and just grow up the body in an unhealthy manner. It will lead to unintentional and massive weight gain that is very difficult to reduce. Hence, supplements as Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer is best suggested for sufficient muscle gain and complete nutrition at the same time. It is rich in nutrients and free from side effects as well. Look for such brand and quality products to ensure that you get what you require with value at its best…!! Get benefitted productively and proficiently for weight gain nutritiously in this manner…!!



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