This Is How You Can Overcome A Cheat Meal

This Is How You Can Overcome A Cheat Meal

Ways To Overcome Your Cheat Meals

Whether it’s a planned cheat meal or accidental, the regret of eating junk food can linger in your head for days. Sometimes you have the urges to devour cookies, cakes, pizza, wings, and so on. While you can’t go back in time and undo what you did, you certainly can make some adjustments which can fix things and lower the cheat meal regret.

Almost all the diet plans have a planned cheat meal so you don’t have crazy cravings but these plans don’t take in consideration how much and when you sit down to eat. The saddest part about a cheat meal is the fact that most of what you’ll be eating is going to be empty calories.

Empty calories have no meaningful macronutrients in them. Since the empty calories have disproportionate proteins, fats, and carbs, they are useless for the body. The empty calories sit like useless fat in your body waiting to be burnt off.

Make Adjustments To The Next Day

If your cheat meal does go out of hand, you should do more than just regret it. Calculate the number of surplus calories you consumed in your junk meal. Apps like MyFitnessPal or a simple Google search will provide you with the nutritional values for most of the major fast-food restaurant items.

If you had 1000 extra calories in your cheat meal the previous day, you should take out around 50-60 grams of carbs and 10-20 grams of fats from your diet the next day to reduce the impact of the empty calories.

We won’t recommend reducing your protein intake especially if you’re on a muscle-building program. Making such small changes to your diet the next day can greatly reduce the feeling of regret and the negative impact of the food after having a big cheat meal.

Time Your Cheat Meals

You need to plan your cheat meals in such a way that you have time to burn them off later in the day. You should also consider switching your cheat day to a training day. Having a cheat meal on rest days can add to the negative effects.

You also need to avoid having your cheat meals near your bedtime. We recommend you have your craving food in the afternoon so your body has enough time to burn it off while you’re active and you can go for a HIIT cardio session later in the day.

While you plan your diet plan, you should also plan your cheat meals. You shouldn’t go to a fast-food joint and randomly order whatever you like. With a random approach, you’re more likely to eat more than you should.

Turn Your Cheat Meal Into Motivation

You shouldn’t let the memories of your cheat meal linger in your head. If it does happen, turn the feelings of having committed a sin into the source of motivation to go harder in the gym to achieve your dream physique.

In the end, whatever your cravings might be, you can always make healthier choices. With the growth in the F&B industry, you can always find a healthier and better-tasting alternative to your favorite hamburger or pizza.

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