Patrick Moore Explains How He Became A Bodybuilder Due To Boxing’s Decline

Patrick Moore thinks that boxing is in a great decline – and saw it coming over a decade ago.

Patrick Moore is a pro bodybuilder that is starting to make major waves in the industry this year. Ever since his win at the California Pro 2021, his progress has been a highlight as he continues to post photos and video of his impressive physique. But before dedicating his life to bodybuilding – Moore competed as a boxer. In our recent video conversation, before we were able to dive into his bodybuilding career – we took a detour recapping his boxing past and his thoughts on fights today. In our latest GI Exclusive, Patrick Moore details how he believes recent influencer “super fights” are the end result of over a decade of decline for the sport.

Patrick Moore has a somewhat unconventional path towards becoming the powerhouse pro bodybuilder we know today. He started off as a boxer – and was truly passionate about the sport. But he noticed that boxing as a whole was starting to decline. Ever since Evander Holyfield’s exit nearly a decade ago, Moore saw the sport he love start falling into a void. In fact, he believes the recent super fights, such as McGregor vs Mayweather or Paul vs Belfort, are “jokes” and the end result of a sport that lost it’s way.

It’s due to this, in part, that Patrick Moore became a bodybuilder. He always loved the gym and was lucky enough for someone to suggest he start training other body parts. This eventually led to competitive bodybuilding. He thought it would be easy – but upon getting smoked at the NPC Nationals (18th place), he realized he had a lot more work to do. It became his passion, he went pro, and now he’s starting to truly turn heads with his impressive physique.

We’ll get into more detail about Patrick Moore’s bodybuilding career, success, and future in future segments from our video conversation. For now, we took a quick detour to discuss in more detail his criticism of boxing today. Moore claims in our interview that he believes these influencer superstar boxing matches are rigged. He can tell simply by the way boxers like Mayweather behave while facing off against someone like McGregor. Despite being retired – Moore believes they are deliberately ignoring decades of training and tactics. Why? Because they are in it for the money.

“It’s money. And I get it man. No fighter wants to fight for less than what they feel like they’re worth,” Patrick Moore states in our interview. He continues:

“And they just have to – someone somewhere have to take a loss both on their record and maybe even financially… If a fighter is used to 10 million a fight and maybe they fight the best of the best and it’s for eight million. Well maybe they just need to take the eight to give the sport what it needs. I mean, we want to see the best of the best go at it, not ‘Okay well this guy has a lot of height so we’ll out him against this guy.’ No man, let the good guys go at it.”


Patrick Moore pulls from his personal experience as a boxer himself. He knows what it’s like when a truly top class boxer goes all out against another equally talented competitor. In his opinion, what he’s seeing in a fight like Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley, is not reflective of what Woodley is capable of. He doesn’t believe that fight could have possibly gone all the way – unless Woodley was holding back.

Patrick Moore tries to bridge his actual experience with boxing and his passion for the sport into a credible criticism of the flaws in current boxing. Yet it can’t be ignored that these fights do bring in record numbers of viewers and revenue. Perhaps boxing has changed and declined in Moore’s eyes. But to new younger fans of the sport – maybe this change is the beginning of a new version of boxing. One that they will hold dear.

In either case, you can watch Patrick Moore go into detail about his boxing past, his thoughts on modern boxing, and more in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!