Patrick Moore details why he was annoyed at the suggestion he move down to Classic Physique division.

In 2021, there are now more divisions in pro bodybuilding than there ever has been in the history of the sport. What once used to be squarely one division now has eleven. This allows athletes to determine what kind of ultimate physique they want to achieve and find success in that framework. It also brings a lot of couch critics out of the woodwork. Fans can and will often speculate if a pro competitor would be better off in a different division. Patrick Moore has no plans to leave Men’s Open bodybuilding – and has found it offensive to suggest he does otherwise.

This became clear when King Kamali publicly stated that Patrick Moore should move to Classic Physique. The comment sparked a back and forth reaction between Moore and Kamali and brought their debate into bodybuilding headlines. During our conversation with Patrick Moore, we asked him about this moment so that he could further explain his mentality and why he was annoyed by the comment. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Patrick Moore explains why it’s offensive to suggest he move down to Classic Physique.

With so many divisions in pro bodybuilding, there are more options than ever for athletes to find success. No one competitor is locked into the division they start in. There has been some debate as to whether or not this is a good thing. Some believe that this dilutes each division and encourages athletes to not push as hard. Supporters find that this brings in more athletes as a whole – and encourages athletes to compete who otherwise wouldn’t try due to the kind of physiques Men’s Open demands.

Some bodybuilders have had great success changing divisions, such as Hadi Choopan, who moved from Men’s 212 to Men’s Open. Many were worried he would fall behind against larger competitors. Ultimately, his risk paid off with consistent top five placings at Mr. Olympia. So when King Kamali suggested that Patrick Moore possibly move down to Classic Physique – it might not have been that crazy of an idea in general.

But from Patrick Moore’s perspective, this comment was unhelpful, unrealistic, and slightly insulting. During our interview, he explains that all it took was one competition where he looked off for the suggestion to come along. In fact, he points out that Kamali had praised his Men’s Open physique in 2019.

Patrick Moore points this out directly during our conversation:

“What lost it for me with him was this was a guy that was giving me praise in 2019 when I was in the open class. So once I come in a little off… so now I should go to Classic? It’s just crazy.”


Patrick Moore also points out that he would need to drop down to about 206 pounds at his height. So he would have to lose quite a bit of weight in order to qualify to compete in Classic Physique:

“So at the Olympia 2019, I was 236 [pounds]. There’s no way – and I was peeled. I had no fat. There was no way I was going to cut down to 206 pounds. So for him to say some ignorant sh*t like that… it’s like he’s miseducating… you’re telling people I should do something that’s impossible.”

Patrick Moore feels that, since King Kamali has a rather large following, his comments are misleading fans to expect something that Moore believes to be impossible. It poisons the well and changes the kind of fan interaction Moore has leading up into the next competition. Moore felt that key aspect is what made the comment disrespectful.

You can watch Patrick Moore explain his comments in full detail by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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