15 Reasons Why People Hate Working Out

15 Reasons Why People Hate Working Out

Reasons Why People Hate The Gym

There are two types of people, the ones who love working out and the others who hate the idea of it. There is no middle ground. You might love to train but at the same time, your parents might not understand why you waste your time and money on such a useless (according to them) thing.

We think we have figured out why people have such extreme feelings about hitting the gym. Our goal with this article is not to shame anyone. We want to shed light on facts so that people can be more accommodating.

All-in or Nothing

You’re either living the fit lifestyle or you’re not. Knowing the fact that you won’t see the desired results if you follow a training program for 4 days a week and do as you please on the other 3 days is a deal-breaker for many people.

Not Being Able To Change Your Body image

For many people, their happiness and self-worth are directly related to their body image. They sulk if they can’t get the results or arbitrary factors like the number on the scale to go in their favor.

People Who Lift Do So To Show-Off

It’s no secret that lifters are thought to be self-obsessed narcissists. Many people never get a gym membership just because they want to avoid the tag. They don’t want to be judged by how much they can bench.

Forever Dieting

Following a balanced diet is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful transformation but it can be hard and boring. The idea of eating the same food every day isn’t appealing to everyone.

It Never Stops

Once you hop on to the fitness bandwagon, all your decisions will be influenced by it. You might have to cancel going out with friends or family because of your workouts, and the gym might be the first thing you look for while you’re planning a vacation.

Too Many Fads To Keep Count Off

There are indeed many fads in the fitness industry and they go away as fast as they come. Learning about new diets, training principles, and supplements every few weeks is too much for some people.

Workouts Are Intense

Out of all the people who get a gym membership, a big number quits within a year because they can’t see the desired results. A transformation needs much more than walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes and it’s too much to ask off many people.

Supplements Are Sh*t Expensive

There is a myth that you can’t build muscle mass without supplements. Some people avoid supplements because they are out of their budget and others think that they do more harm than good.

Who Needs Injuries?

Training is one of the most intense sports and the probabilities of an injury increase four-fold when you’re around the unforgiving iron. Some people would rather sit on their couch all day long than be crushed under a barbell.

Aesthetics Are Everything

Many people diss working out because they think it’s all about looking good naked. Some of these people advocate working on mental and spiritual well-being instead of the gluteus maximus.

Always Be Critiquing

As the great Joe Weider once said, “Looking at himself, a serious bodybuilder isn’t admiring, he’s looking for trouble. And he sees trouble, every time.” There is a thin line between self-critiquing and self-loathing and as a fitness enthusiast, you always have to mind your step.

Comparing Your Physique To Everyone

As you start training, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself comparing your muscles to people in your gym – or that guy on Instagram. Once this happens, it all goes downhill from here.

Solo Sport

Many people join a sport because they like to be around people and want to be part of a team. Bodybuilding, on the other hand, is one man’s game and is arguably the most selfish sport.

The Need To Find A Cult

After people get a gym membership, they soon start finding a cult to join. They are torn between loving or hating the squats, being a carnivore or a vegan, bodybuilding or CrossFit, keto or paleo, etc.

Acute Self-Loathing That Comes With Missing A Workout

No matter who you are, where you’re from, what you do – if you’re living the fit life, you’ll have faced the agony that comes with missing a workout. The struggle of making up for a missed workout in the next session is real.

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