Generation Iron Phil Heath Pre-CompetitionPrepare like the champion himself.

Our friends over at Flex Online had a chance to talk with our Generation Iron legend Phil Heath and get him to open up about his pre-competition training and nutrition plan. Believe it or not, Mr. Olympia is right around the corner and all of the pros are getting ready to prep for the biggest competition of the year.

Especially Phil Heath, who will now be protecting his fourth chance at grabbing the big Mr. O. Phil said it best in the film – they always try to knit-pick the people at the top. That’s how you know that this nutrition regimen is crafted at every inch to maximize preparation for the Mr. Olympia. To be honest with you, we’re getting hungry just looking over the list ourselves.

His schedule is broken down into eleven parts: Upon waking; Meals 1-5; training workout; post workout; meals 6 & 7; and a quick supplement before bed.

Speaking of supplements, Phil Heath shows off how confident he is in his new brand – as his schedule only includes Gifted Nutrition supplements. Proving that he truly believes in his new line of products. You can always stop by his official website to try them out for yourself!

So what are you waiting for? Start your path to becoming the next champion by learning from the best. You can get the complete breakdown of the nutrition plan by visiting Flex Online. And be sure to give us some love too by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Stay pumped.

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