Pioneer Custom Dyed Weightlifting Belts Review

Pioneer Custom Dyed Weightlifting Belts

Lift in style with these custom dyed lifting belts from Pioneer.

Product Overview

When it comes to lifting big and maximizing our gains, a weightlifting belt is one of those lifting tools that is essential in our gym bag. With many benefits to keeping us safe for longevity and more stable for better performance, it is no wonder why so many lifters have gravitated towards using a belt. As an efficient lifting tool to really maximize all gains, a weightlifting belt can change anyone’s mind once they pack on the weight. Pioneer Custom Dyed Weightlifting Belts offer a great quality belt that can be customized to whatever you like so you lift in style, but more importantly, your style.

While a weightlifting belt is not a back brace, with the increased engagement of your core and better stabilization when under so much weight, it will alleviate stress on your low back to allow for less pain and better range of motion. By using a weightlifting belt, it will allow you to worry less about that unwanted pain and more about form and your actual workout (1,2).

Pioneer Custom Dyed Weightlifting Belts

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Pioneer is a division of General Leathercraft Manufacturing, Inc., a premiere company creating high-quality leather products including weightlifting belts and other exercise accessories and aids. With a great product line dedicated to assisting the needs of athletes everywhere, Pioneer has made it their mission to keep active individuals healthy and safe, especially as they lift big weight. Along with an amazing line of lifting belts, Pioneer also produces top tier knee wraps, wrist wraps, elbow wraps, and other equipment to keep athletes safe overall. Their mission is to provide great customer service and a product you will love to have and use. A company full of integrity and quality, Pioneer is a standout in the exercise equipment community.

Pioneer Custom Dyed Weightlifting Belts

Custom Dyed Belts Option

When it comes to Pioneer’s customization belt options, you can choose from five options to support your weightlifting needs.

Custom Dyed Lever Belts

This option comes in 3’’ or 4’’ all the way around and your choice of thickness to give you a durable and high-quality belt to last a lifetime. The adjustable lever allows for adjustment every half inch so your belt fits just right to offer the most versatility for your lifts.

Pioneer Cut Custom Dyed Power Belts

The Pioneer Cut is a patent pending design unique in that it allows for ½’’ increments as opposed to the traditional 1’’. That means you can find the best fit for you belt so you remain safe and with the correct tightness. This version is also available in 3’’ or 4’’ all the way around with your choice of thickness.

4’’ Custom Dyed Pioneer Cut Training Belts

Also including that patent pending Pioneer Cut design, these training belts are available with 4’’ in the back and taper to 2.5’’ on the sides and front. A great option for comfort and training, this belt is one to check out.

4’’ Custom Dyed Training Belts

Similar to the Pioneer Cut Training Belts, these are 4’’ in the back and taper to 2.5’’ on the sides and front.  Perfect for training with the wider back and more narrow front, this allows for comfort and a great feel when under so much weight.

Custom Dyed Power Belts

These power belts are single pronged and are 3’’ or 4’’ all the way around with your choice of thickness. The rounded tongue option on these is only available in the 4’’ power belts, not the 3’’. Great for those looking for a more snug and secure feel, these power belts are awesome for lifting huge weight.

Pioneer Custom Dyed Weightlifting Belts

Customization Process

The custom dyed weightlifting belts are hand dyed by using a professional dye in house. For optimal quality, they are treated with a conditioner, polish, and sealant to really maximize look and longevity. These belts are built using the same 100% Vegetable Tanned Sole Leather that is used for all their belts and the customization is easy and allows for many options.

When looking to customize, you will start with your belt option and move onto custom dye options. From there you will choose your color and a fade option if you’d like to give the belt that extra dimension of style. For those looking to customize the outside and inside of their belt with a laser-burned message, you have that option as well to place it on the belt, on the loop, on the tongue, and to even laser-burn an image. Moving to the inside, you will have the option to embroider a message inside as well as choose your interior color. Next is the buckle type, belt tongue, buckle color, black edging, and stitch color to really round out your unique custom belt.

With so many options to choose from and an easy-to-use customization tool bar on their site, creating your unique belt is easy, fun, and will produce a great lifting belt for you.

Price & Effectiveness

As we look to the pricing of these belts, it is important to know that these prices listed below are solely for the starting cost of the belt. All customization options may have an additional price for each part of the above process so just be aware when customizing your own belt.

Custom Dyed Lever Belts: $152.00-$182.00

Pioneer Cut Custom Dyed Power Belts: $152.00-$182.00

4’’ Custom Dyed Pioneer Cut Training Belts: $152.00

4’’ Custom Dyed Training Belts: $132.00

Custom Dyed Power Belts: $132.00-$162.00


  • High-quality leather belts built to last
  • Great options in the lever belts and Pioneer Cut design
  • Awesome customization option throughout the whole process
  • From a reputable company in Pioneer


  • Premium priced options
  • Price can get more expensive with more customization options

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Overall Value

Pioneer Custom Dyed Weightlifting Belts are a great option for all your lifting belt needs. By using a weightlifting belt you work to tackle any issues when it comes to pain and strain, while also giving yourself the edge when it comes to performance. By offering more balance and stability, you can really tackle any big lift that comes your way. What you are really getting is a high-quality belt with awesome customization options for your style from a company who knows the needs of lifters. Check out Pioneer Custom Dyed Weightlifting Belts and see what these can do for your massive lifts today.

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