Pre-Workouts Vs. Fat Burners: How Weight Loss Happens With Both

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Whether you prefer pre-workout or a fat burner, weight loss can happen with both.

Some of us have debated on pre-workouts vs. fat burners before, however, we neglect that both are great for weight loss. We want to pick and choose and debate, but all that time could be spent in the gym and seeing gains. Our gains are important and while supplements can get expensive, it is important to realize that it isn’t impossible to find great products. With ones like pre-workouts and fat burners, the choice to see great gains has never been easier.

Let’s take a look at pre-workouts vs. fat burners and see if one is better for weight loss. Since both have great properties, the results may be surprising.

Pre-Workouts Vs. Fat Burners

Pre-Workouts: Benefits, Weight Loss & More

A pre-workout supplement, as most of us know, is a great way to boost energy and provide for muscle pumps for increased strength and size. We often find ourselves struggling to find the energy to get up and get moving and with a great supplement like pre-workout working for our benefit, it is entirely possible to really benefit from this supplement.

Some people often debate that pre-workouts are just loaded with caffeine and that you are better off drinking a cup of coffee before your workout. However, it is the other ingredients packed into a great formula that can make a pre-workout a worthwhile supplement.


Benefits of pre-workout supplement include:

  • Better focus and energy: Offers more intense workouts while being locked into every exercise so nothing interferes with a good workout. Plus, it can offer that energy given our busy schedules (1).
  • Reduce fatigue: Allow for longer training sessions and the chance to burst through fatigue while reducing muscle soreness and unwanted pain for improved performance.
  • Muscle pumps: Allow blood to flow through your muscles and really increase strength and size for those muscles you wish to see grow (2).
  • Enhanced recovery: Bounce back faster and promote better growth while recovering more effectively for faster turn arounds.

When & Why Use Them

It is best to use a pre-workout around 30 minutes before your workout. This allows those ingredients to hit you and provide the best effect for your gains. Using pre-workout is worth it for those who want to boost energy, get the blood flowing, and work for the best muscle growth possible.

How They Affect Weight Loss

Pre-workouts can affect weight loss by getting your heart rate up and giving you the energy needed to perform a great workout. With a better mindset, more energy and focus, and the physical feeling of wanting to workout, you can work harder and burn more calories for that intended weight loss affect. Plus, by pushing through fatigue, you can workout longer for increased calorie burn.

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Pre-Workouts Vs. Fat Burners

Fat Burners: Benefits, Weight Loss & More

Fat burners are perfect for those who may struggle to lose fat and find that stubborn belly fat just doesn’t want to leave. A fat burner is great for it is packed with ingredients that have been studied for their affects on your metabolism, weight loss, and cravings all in efforts to help you see your desired physique unfold.

There is some debate about if fat burners actually work or not but with the right supplement produced by an honest company, it is entirely possible that these are effective. Like all supplements, it takes having the right ingredients to have the product work as intended.


  • Boost your metabolism: Power your metabolism to burn that stubborn fat and extra calories, offering more energy for whatever workout comes your way and not allowing fat the chance to be stored (3).
  • Suppress appetite: Eliminate those hunger sensations that lead to cravings and snacking to rid your diet of unwanted and wasted calories.
  • Increase energy and focus: By burning more fat for fuel, you can increase those energy levels.
  • Maintain lean muscle: Work to keep on that lean muscle while shedding fat so you don’t lose your gains and start to see that desired physique actually come to life.

When & Why Use Them

It is best to follow the directions on the respective fat burner for when to use it. Some require it with food and others say without food. Plus, there are some that advise to take a certain amount of time before a meal so the ingredients can start working.

Using a fat burner is a great way to help lose fat for those struggling. When working in tandem with a good diet and training plan, these supplements can be highly effective.

How They Affect Weight Loss

Fat burners affect weight loss by working to suppress your appetite to eliminate cravings, boost your metabolism so it works for efficiently, and keep your body working to burn calories so you have a better chance at fat loss.

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Pre-Workouts Vs. Fat Burners

Is One Better For Weight Loss?

When it comes down to it, this is a tough question to answer. Yes, a fat burner is literally designed to assist with weight loss, but this works better when paired with a healthy diet and training plan. On the other hand, a pre-workout is giving you that boost to have an effective and worthwhile workout, so considering this option isn’t a bad deal at all.

Is one better for weight loss? That is up to the individual. If you can afford to and you feel it is best for your body and your goals, consider a regimen that includes both so you can capitalize on those great gains and get the most out of your workouts and overall routine.

Wrap Up

When it comes to pre-workouts vs. fat burners and their intended goals for weight loss, you need to consider the fact that both are great for it. While fat burners are intended for weight loss, pre-workouts have the ability to work for our benefit in a number of other ways. When paired together, these supplements can create all the difference for your gains.

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