Profile: Who Is Anllela Sagra, The Beautiful Colombian Fitness Model?

Out of this world beauty and strength.

The bodybuilding and fitness industry is constantly changing. Gone are the days when you can expect one type of brand, one type of presentation, one type of fitness model. These days people care about personalities as much as the products they are purchasing. The advent of the internet has meant that people are constantly seeking out the truth and hoping for the best as they do so. In the fitness industry, getting the truth can some times be a task that feels nigh impossible. Nevertheless, committed fans and individuals looking to make life changes through health and fitness don’t give up so easily and want to find an inspirational figure that can match their passion and drive for success.

Fitness models are indeed a dime a dozen these days. But there certainly those who stand out more than others. With social media being the beast that it is today, it can be at once simple and extremely difficult to set yourself apart as a fitness personality to follow. However, there are just some people who have that it factor, that look or training program or personality that makes you stop and want to pay full attention.

Anllela Sagra is just one of those fitness personalities that makes you stand up and give your full attention. She is fit, funny, strong, and let’s face it, she’s great to look at. Her beauty and strength are equally as impressive. She has a ton of work ethic that makes her even more attractive than she already is. But there is plenty that sets Anllela Sagra apart from other fitness models in the same field. She is a trend setter and the first of her kind. That sounds like hyperbole, but just take a little look into her back story.


Birth Date: October 6, 1993

Height: 5’9’’

Weight: 130 lbs

Birthplace: Colombia

While Anllela Sagra may just appear to be your average fitness model with unmatched looks, there’s a little more to her story than meets the eye. You see, Anllela Sagra wasn’t always destined to be the fitness sensation that she is today. In fact, she wasn’t much into training at all in her younger years. Instead she was more focused on becoming a traditional model rather than a fitness icon.

Fashion design was her main focus when she was attending university in Colombia. In this South American culture the idea of a woman having muscle wasn’t becoming. Muscular figures are something that men want to achieve. Beautiful women like Anllela Sagra usually aimed for a slim, streamlined figure. But after a chance encounter with a fitness enthusiast in the gym, the Colombian bombshell changed her outlook on health and fitness.


No longer did she seek to be an average model, but instead she chose to do something that had never been done before in her country: become a fitness model. While that may seem elementary, the reality is that there simply were not any fitness models coming out of Colombia. It was unheard of for a woman to enter that kind of field. Sure, bodybuilding was something universal, but that was an endeavor explored by men, not beautiful model types likes Sagra. But that would soon change thanks to the young fitness models new outlook.

Anlella Sagra soon began to undergo weight training, the very thing that would change her destiny forever. As she continued to put on muscle to slimmer frame, onlookers soon began to take notice and implore her to stop her training. They would claim that she was destroying her figure rather than enhancing it. It was at this point that Sagra faced a crossroads: should she be a model like everyone else in Colombia or would she become something else entirely. As evidenced by her popularity as a fitness model, I think we all know what choice she ultimately made. Sagra would eventually enter fitness competition coming in the top three and further bolstering her drive to become a fitness icon.

Fast forward a few years later and Anllela Sagra has collected an impressive social media following with millions of followers. Her goal to become the first Colombian fitness model was was realized and as such she has garnered a great deal of popularity in the fitness world. As a fitness model, trainer, and spokesperson for health and fitness, Anllela Sagra has shown that she has all the tools to make a major name for herself in the industry and isn’t looking to slow down any time soon.


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