cold exposure body fat loss headerIt may sound crazy, but it looks like it works.

So when it comes to getting ripped there are a ton of factors to be considered. Many people would simply say go on a cut which means reducing your usual calorie intake for maintenance by 250-500 calories. This perhaps the must popular of methods used, that coupled with exercise of course. Essentially it comes down to eating less and moving more, a pretty basic game plan for fat loss. But what if eating less and moving more hasn’t been doing the trick? What if you want to see dramatic results fast? Then there could be another method you can utilize to optimize your fat loss.

Cold exposure.

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Now right off the bat that surely sounds a bit crazy. Expose yourself to the cold and burn fat? As crazy as it may sound, it’s actually a scientifically proven fact that this method can be useful in shedding the fat from your body. If your body is exposed to colder temperatures then your body is likely to go into calorie burning mode. How so? Well, because your body temperature lowers in colder weather your core temperature actually rises in an effort to keep your body at 98.6 degrees, the average humans body temperature.

For that reason that means your body is burning a tremendous amount of calories. When this is occurring it’s a good idea to do the right kind of training to facilitate continued fat loss. If you live in a cold climate, something as simple as doing HIIT exercises outdoors can ramp up your fat loss.

Still think it’s crazy? Then take a look at the video below and allow your mind to blown.

Would you try cold exposure training?

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