Rauno Heinla Sets Silver Dollar Deadlift World Record With 1,278.7-Pound Lift

Silver Dollar Deadlift

Rauno Heinla approached 1,300 pounds during his recent feat of strength.

It has not been the easiest road for Rauno Heinla to this point of the 2022 calendar year. He has dealt with different setbacks that have hindered his progress. Heinla recently put all of that behind him as he set a new silver dollar deadlift world record with a 580kg (1,278.7lb) feat of strength.

Heinla battled stomach issues the kept him out of the World’s Strongest Man competition. It was expected that his return wold take awhile but Heinla was able to put all of that behind him and get on stage during the 2022 Silver Dollar Deadlift Estonian Championship. This competition took place on Saturday in Viljandi. Heinla impressed over the course of the competition including setting a new world record. This mark was previously held by Ben Thompson, which was set during the 2022 WDC Silver Dollar Deadlift World Championships.

The silver dollar deadlift gets its name because the barbell has two boxes on the side full of plates. In the past, these boxes were filled with actual silver dollars but it would take too many in today’s sport. Adding plates on each side makes more sense. Heinla stepped up to the weight with a lifting belt, wrist wraps, and deadlift suit.


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Rauno Heinla is back on stage and will continue to reach new heights. Since accomplishing this silver dollar lift, conversations have started about Heinla reaching the deadlift world record. This is a goal that he has been working toward during training.

Heinla has competed in 45 competitions during his powerlifting career. He has appeared in just one World’s Strongest Man competition. He missed this year’s show but is planning to appear at the 2022 Giants Live World Open & World Deadlift Championships. This could be the site of Heinla attempting to reach the deadlift world record.

Heinla is considered a threat to the deadlift throne because this is where his greatest strength lies. He has reached the 1,000-pound mark in a standard deadlift and this number will continue to rise.

Rauno Heinla was able to cross off one lift off the top of his lift. Now that the silver dollar lift is in the rearview mirror, he can focus on the overall deadlift world record — potentially at his next show.

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