Rhianon Lovelace Sets 310lb (141 kg) Stone Hoist World Record

Women’s Atlas Stone Hoist champion Rhianon ¬† ¬†Lovelace has checked another epic fitness world record off her bucket list.

The former World’s Strongest Woman (in 2018) shared an impressive video with fans that also shattered the world record for the woman’s stone heist. She lifted an impressive 310lb (141 kg) stone. You can check out footage of the incredible feat of strength below.

“As the first Female Athlete in the [World’s Ultimate Strongman] Feats of Strength series, lightweight Strongman Rhianon set out to break the U64kg Atlas Stone record of 130kg/306lbs,” the caption read. “In her first attempt she managed to lift an incredible 19″ 141kg/310lb Atlas Stone over 44″/110cm and set a new World Record – amazing!”

Rhianon is the first woman to compete in the ongoing Feats of Strength series which has seen legends like Hafthor Bjornsson breaking the all-time deadlift record.

It’s an impressive but not unexpected feat for the accomplished Strongwoman, who has broken several world records in the past and was previously the World’s Strongest Woman. It’s also a hopeful sign that the world of strength sports can continue despite the challenges that lie ahead relating to the coronavirus. Clearly, athletes are still able to compete, whether from home gyms or remote locations via online viewing, and they can do so with a team of professionals who can certify their achievements. It’s definitely a far cry from the fun and competitive atmosphere of going to a show and seeing them perform up close and personal on the stage, but it’s not nothing. Moving forward, it’s likely that many of the upcoming sports events will be experienced this way — online, via Instagram or YouTube, sponsored by brands that want to bring record-breaking feats of strength to their viewers and are willing to work with athletes to make the show a reality. It’s a better deal than most sports are getting right now (looking at you, the entire cancelled NBA and NFL seasons.)

Another highlight of the Feats of Strength Series came from Strongman Oleksii Novikov, who broke the world record for Giant Dumbbell lift with 220lb (100kg). They have plans to continue and it’s likely we’ll see more impressive feats of strength to come out of the series and probably a few more world records broken. Make sure to follow @worldsultimatestrongman on Instagram to tag along with all the exciting and fun updates. Soon enough physical fitness expos will be back on track, but until then, this is definitely the next best thing!

Although Rhianon Lovelace was able to break the world record with her lift, she clearly sets a high standard for herself. She expressed dissatisfaction in the video that she wasn’t able to lift her intended weight of 151kg and instead had to settle for 141kg. That’s the hallmark of a true champion — setting the bar so high that even a world record lift is something to use as a motivator rather than the ultimate goal.

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram.

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