GASPARI is now available on all major digital platforms

The wait is finally over —GASPARI is now readily available across major digital platforms. This brand new feature documentary chronicles the life story of Rich Gaspari – the first ever Arnold Classic champion and the man who revolutionized the sports supplement industry. You can stream or download GASPARI today right here.

GASPARI goes into intimate detail about Rich Gaspari’s entire life story, from his humble beginnings to his remarkable achievements, both on and off the stage. It highlights how his dedication, despite facing seemingly insurmountable odds, transformed him into the first Arnold Classic champion and a trailblazer in the supplement industry. The release of GASPARI is long overdue and promises to shed light on the profound impact Gaspari has had on the sport and the fitness industry.

As a bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and mentor, Rich Gaspari has exemplified the values of drive, dedication, and resilience. The release of GASPARI is an opportunity to recognize the profound influence he has had on the world of fitness and bodybuilding, transcending the boundaries of his own career to inspire countless others.

The documentary will be a testament to the enduring power of passion, determination, and unwavering commitment to one’s goals. It serves as a reminder that greatness can be achieved in the face of adversity, and that success is attainable through hard work and unwavering dedication.

‘GASPARI’ promises to provide a rare glimpse into the life of a legend, capturing the essence of Rich Gaspari’s journey and the impact he has had on the sport of bodybuilding. For fans and fitness enthusiasts alike, this documentary will be a must-watch, offering a deep appreciation of the man behind the legendary physique and the successful supplement company. It will also highlight the indelible mark he has left on the fitness community.

GASPARI is not just a documentary about a bodybuilder and entrepreneur; it is a tribute to an individual who embodies the spirit of determination and resilience. Rich Gaspari’s story is a testament to the belief that with unwavering dedication and an indomitable spirit, one can overcome any obstacle and make an enduring impact on the world. The documentary will serve as a fitting tribute to a legendary figure in the world of bodybuilding and sports nutrition. Stay tuned for the release of GASPARI and be prepared to witness the remarkable journey of a true icon.

GASPARI Official Synopsis

Rich Gaspari is an iconic bodybuilder and the first ever to win the Arnold Classic title. He also revolutionized the sports nutrition supplement industry by being one of the first bodybuilders to start his own supplement brand. Now in his 60s, he has been through peaks and valleys in both his bodybuilding career, business endeavors, and personal life. Gaspari is the first authorized biography chronicling the life story of Rich Gaspari from past to present – while also giving insight into the heart and soul of one of fitness’ biggest icons.

Rich Gaspari, a name synonymous with excellence in bodybuilding, has left an indelible mark on the fitness world. With a remarkable career spanning decades, Gaspari’s dedication, discipline, and passion have made him an icon for aspiring bodybuilders worldwide.

How To Watch

GASPARI will be available on all major digital platforms November 3rd, 2023 including Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play, VUDU, and Vimeo on Demand. You can pre-order the film today right here or by clicking the banner below.

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