Rich Gaspari talks about the most dangerous new school bodybuilders that have impressed him.

Rich Gaspari has had his eye on bodybuilding for decades despite having been retired for quite some time now. In fact, his passion for the sport and upcoming talent is so strong that he runs the Arnold Classic Amateur competition each year. This gives Gaspari deep insight into the up and coming new school bodybuilders rising in the ranks. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Rich Gaspari shares the new school bodybuilders he is most impressed by and predicts their rise to success in the near future.

The past three years of the Mr. Olympia competition has proven one thing – that we are in a transition period of bodybuilding eras. Long gone is the consistent reign of Phil Heath and other top competitors of his era. Now new names are popping up in the top placings and the past three years have given us three different Olympia champions.

That’s why during our conversation with Rich Gaspari, we asked him to name the up-and-coming new school bodybuilders that caught his attention most. Gaspari has always had a keen eye for upcoming talent. That’s why he dedicates a portion of his time to running the Arnold Amateur competition every year.

While Big Ramy’s victory was a long since hyped for years. There were other younger athletes who started catching waves for the first time. But who shows the most promise to actually rise up and stick around rather than be a hot flash in a pan?

Rich Gaspari believes that Akim Williams and Hunter Labrada are the the two most impressive rising stars in the pro bodybuilding circuit. He notes how Akim was able to edge out Dexter Jackson – who almost always places in the top 5 in most Olympia competitions. He also makes mention of Hunter’s incredible aesthetic and genetics. Hunter placed eighth in his very first Olympia competition. That’s nothing to slouch at.

Hunter Labrada, of course, has the promise behind his name. Lee Labrada was a phenomenal bodybuilder. Seeing Hunter’s physique a the Olympia 2020 showcased that he definitely carries the genetics from his father. Not only that but his impressive look shows that he is willing to put in the work and dedication to make those positive genes really go places.

Akim Williams, on the other hand, has been competing for a while before this moment. He had been known for his incredible strength and size. But this year he really made some huge upgrades to his physique – especially his conditioning. Rich Gaspari notes that his mammoth size combined with his aesthetics can really come together into a “bodybuilder to be reckoned with.”

Both of these promising athletes still have a way to go before claiming an Olympia title – but they are both on the right track and with time can truly improve on already impressive physiques to make waves. How they appear in 2021 will be truly exciting indeed.

You can watch Rich Gaspari break down his thoughts on both Hunter Labrada and Akim Williams in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.