Rich Gaspari Full Interview | Strengths & Weaknesses Of Bodybuilders In Men’s Open & Men’s Physique

Rich Gaspari Returns For Another full uncut GI Exclusive interview.

Rich Gaspari reconnected with Generation Iron via video chat for a second round interview to discuss the most recent developments in bodybuilding since our last chat in early 2020. A lot has changed since then between a pandemic and now recovery as the bodybuilding season enters full swing. Most notably, the Mr. Olympia 2020 has brought us a new champion since our last conversation with Gaspari.

That’s why we ultimately reconnected for a long form interview to discuss in-depth all things bodybuilding. We reflect with Rich Gaspari on the past year in the sport, what’s changed, what has stayed the same, and what we can look forward to in a reinvigorated 2021 season.

Over the past few months we’ve released multiple GI Exclusive segments from our interview with Rich Gaspari. Now we’re releasing the full length interview including topics such as the strengths and weakness of top bodybuilders in Men’s Open and Men’s Physique, the biggest difference in bodybuilding training today, and the future generation of competitors.

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Rich Gaspari believes that both Brandon Curry and Phil Heath have glaring weaknesses that lost them Olympia 2020.

During our recent conversation with Rich Gaspari, who was a commentator of the Mr. Olympia 2020, we went into detail about the results. Specifically, Gaspari believed that both Brandon Curry and Phil Heath had specific glaring weaknesses that ultimately led them to fall behind Big Ramy.

We asked for him to give us analysis and Rich Gaspari held nothing back. He also notes that he made these same observations during the actual competition before the results were called. While it was a close race, Gaspari knew what would lead to the downfall of both Curry and Heath.


According to Rich Gaspari, Phil Heath still had trouble with his stomach area. Not only that, but he had trouble preventing himself from fading as he was put through the comparison rounds. Gaspari points out that Phil is usually used to being brought out, being the obvious winner, and then being left alone by the judges. Here he had to fight harder and was put through far more comparison rounds than he is used to.

For Brandon Curry, Rich Gaspari points out that he had made many solid improvements in his upper body. When seen from the front, Curry looked unstoppable. But when he hit a side pose, Gaspari saw weaknesses in his lower half. His hamstrings and glutes just couldn’t compare to the likes of Big Ramy.

Based on the consistent improvements and hunger of Brandon Curry, Rich Gaspari isn’t counting him out to make a comeback at a future Olympia. He’s open to the fact that Curry just might return as an Olympia champion if he could further improve. For Phil Heath, Gaspari believes that it might be time to hang up the towel.

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What Men’s Physique Needs To Change To Gain More Respect From Critics

During our interview we decide to ask Gaspari, what can the Men’s Physique division change in order to win over the respect of old school guys like Rich Gaspari? In his response, Gaspari had an idea. And surprisingly, it had nothing to do with the board shorts. Instead, he thought it had everything to do with the core of how Men’s Physique competitions work.

The Men’s Physique division doesn’t have traditional poses. Instead, their poses are more a natural standing position. The key goal of Men’s Physique is to showcase a stellar physique and conditioning in a natural state. No front double biceps or most muscular poses. While the athletes do tighten up and flex slightly in their natural pose – they cannot hide any weakness with a good angle on a mandatory pose.


Rich Gaspari respects that in theory. He understands how much harder it is to be a Men’s Physique athlete without being able to use angles to hide weaknesses like other divisions often do. Instead, a Men’s Physique athletes needs to bear it all out. They have to solely rely on the power of their physique.

And while Gaspari finds this impressive, he doesn’t find it exciting. He believes that allowing traditional mandatory poses similar to Men’s Open will make for a better competition. It brings drama and excitement to the stage. Rich Gaspari doesn’t have lack of respect for the athletes. Instead, he simply has lack of excitement for the competitions themselves.

Wrap Up

Rich Gaspari discussed far more topic than can be covered in one article. That’s why you can watch the full uncut hour long interview above. Get an in-depth look on Rich Gaspari’s insights and opinions on the recent trends in bodybuilding in our latest GI Exclusive!

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