Robby Robinson reflects on Dexter Jackson’s career, physique, and longevity in bodybuilding.

Robby Robinson has previously spoke at length with us about the importance he puts on health in bodybuilding after a dangerous health scare. He believes it’s a key component to living a full life including after bodybuilding retirement. But does he think it’s possible to keep a healthy lifestyle while maintaining longevity as a pro bodybuilder? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Robby Robinson looks at Dexter Jackson as a key example of being safe, healthy, and maintaining longevity in the sport.

Dexter Jackson is a legend in his own right. A Mr. Olympia champion and the most decorated pro bodybuilder in the history of the sport, Jackson has achieved in his career what many only dream of. A large part of his success comes in the form of lifting lighter weight in order to maintain a longer career without burning out. Jackson has commented on this numerous times throughout his entire career. He is proof that an impressive physique can come through lifting lighter weight and he continues to prove that still competing now in his 50s.

When speaking with Robby Robinson, he made it clear that bodybuilding has become too much of an unhealthy lifestyle. He’s commented on how he respects athletes like Dorian Yates who retired and completely transitioned away from a bodybuilding physique. To Robinson, that is a sign of an athlete putting health before the sport.

So what does he think about Dexter Jackson? Much like Robby Robinson, Jackson doesn’t train hardcore like Dorian Yates or Ronnie Coleman. That’s not to say he doesn’t train hard. He simply doesn’t lift such ridiculously massive weight. This is to avoid injury and, of course, long term health issues down the road (similar to what Ronnie is suffering from now).

Robby Robinson admits that he probably would have already quit by now if he was Dexter Jackson. Jackson has already earned an Olympia trophy once, he’s achieved greatness in nearly every respect. For those reasons, Robinson thinks he would have quit already and moved on from competitive bodybuilding.

That being said, Robby Robinson also understands that Dexter Jackson has been able to maintain an impressive physique to this day. He still places in the top spots of Olympia and he does it all while maintaining a lighter weight training regimen.

Ultimately though, Robby Robinson personally doesn’t see a reason for Dexter Jackson to compete as long as he has been.

“I always think a physique should change. He has to manifest to some degree. I wouldn’t keep going back in there and banging myself like that,” Robby Robinson states in our interview. He later continues, “Some people play that game out until the point where something do happen. I mean, if I was him I would quit. I mean, he’s worth a lot of money… I wouldn’t be playing around with that.”

True to his earlier statements, it seems Robby Robinson ultimately would rather play it safe for his health than push further. Of course, if Dexter Jackson stopped after he became an Olympia champion, he would have never earned the triple crown and become the most decorated bodybuilder in the sport. We all draw our lines in the sand. It seems Robinson’s was simply sooner than someone like Dexter Jackson.

You can check out Robby Robinson’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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