Ronnie Coleman Still At It! Reps Out Bicep Curls Ahead of New Book Signing at the Olympia

Ronnie Coleman is still going strong in the gym ahead of book signing.

When you think of all-time greats of bodybuilding there’s no way a list isn’t complete without the mention of eight-time Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman. While there have been many other bodybuilding champions who have cultivated impressive size and muscle, it can’t be denied that Ronnie Coleman completely changed the game forever.

Coming hot off the heels of Dorian Yates’ impressive run as Olympia champion, Ronnie Coleman hoped to bring his own brand of intensity and massive muscle to carve out a legacy that has carried on to this day. With a nickname like ‘The King‘, Ronnie Coleman had a lot to live up to. Through an insane approach to training that would become legendary, Ronnie Coleman was able to transform his body into something the world had never seen before.

The eight-time Olympia champions new book Blood, Sweat, and Muscles as well as the documentary Ronnie Coleman: The King both explore how Coleman became the legend that he is today. The legendary bodybuilder admits as much in his latest post to Instagram below.

Our Power 30 List gives our own take on why Ronnie Coleman is a true legend in bodybuilding. Where does Ronnie Coleman rank on your all-time list?

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