Sam Sulek’s 4,887-Calorie Full Day Of Eating During Winter Bulk

Sam Sulek shared his 4,887 calorie day of eating during his winter bulk.
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Sam Sulek continues his water bulk and shared a massive day of eating.

Sam Sulek is a young bodybuilder that has taken the fitness world by storm in recent months. For some viewers, this has come at the expense of questioning his diet plan and substance use. Sam Sulek has remained active on social media, sharing different workouts during his winter bulk. A recent video showed off a full day of eating as he makes sure to hit his calorie intake per day.

In this post, we look at Sam Sulek’s full day of eating during his bulk, along with workout, shared from on his YouTube page to give readers more insight on how he is able to maintain his physique.

“I’ve never really been a huge proponent of really hating meals per se…Calories are calories, dude. You can’t eat something and have it not count. That’s one thing I think people really kind of have to understand.”

Sam Sulek performs seated hamstring curl
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Sam Sulek’s Full Day of Eating

The full day for Sam Sulek consisted of 4,887 calories. Mixed in was 199 grams of protein, 159g of fat, and 665g of carbs.

Meal 1

Sulek began his day with a huge bowl of cereal for breakfast. He is fond of Cinnamon Toast Crunch but opted for Chex this day. Sulek spoke on how to count calories and fats during a bulking phase.

  • 3 servings of Chex
  • 3 cups milk

“Per serving, one gram of fat in this dried Chex. Don’t just skip over that. That’s the absolute worst thing you could do.”

Meal 2

Sulek crushed steak and mashed potatoes as his preworkout meal. This is a usual preworkout meal for Sulek and he is not shy about his love for pre-made meals.

  • 1lb steak
  • 5 serving mashed potatoes

“I’m lazy and I get a lot of pre-made food like a Costco, huge 15-pound turkey breast and just cut chunks off but the steaks, I’ve been loving.”


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Meal 3

The third meal for Sam Sulek was a protein shake. While many opt for the shake as a post-workout entity, Sulek had his in the middle of his workout. This shake consisted of 100 grams of carbs.

Meal 4

The final meal of the day for Sulek came in theorem of more steak and Ramen. He did not add in many treats but admitted that there was a bag of Doritos that he was itching to eat.

  • 12oz flank steak
  • 2 packs Chicken Ramen

“I do definitely put a lot of emphasis on making sure the 250 grams of protein I do get a day is from a high-quality source.”

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