Sarah Villegas Upset To See Women’s Bodybuilding Left Off 2022 Arnold Classic Schedule

Two-time Olympia champion Sarah Villegas offering to sponsor women’s bodybuilding events.

Sarah Villegas has turned into one of the top competitors in women’s bodybuilding. This has come after two consecutive Olympia championships in the Women’s Physique division. It is not surprising to see that Villegas was upset to see Women’s Physique and women’s bodybuilding as a whole left off the list of scheduled events for the 2022 Arnold Classic.

The Arnold Classic is scheduled for March 3-6 and will take place in Columbus, Ohio. It will get back to normal scheduling after being moved to September this year due to COVID-19. This was a one-day event that featured just four events — Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Fitness, and Bikini. With the event getting back to normal in 2022, Villegas was disappointed to see some divisions being left off and made an offer to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Villegas took to Instagram to offer Schwarzenegger and Arnold Sports Festival to say she will take $20,000 of her own money and sponsor the Women’s Physique division at the competition.

“I’m very disappointed to learn that the @arnoldsports has excluded Women’s Physique and Women’s Bodybuilding from the 2022 Arnold Classic roster.

I’m extending an offer to @schwarzenegger and @arnoldsportswhere I will personally sponsor all prize money for the Women’s Physique category at the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival if they choose to add the category to the roster. LET THE GIRLS COMPETE.”


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Women’s Physique was not present during the 2021 Arnold Classic this year. Just two weeks after the event, Sarah Villegas was on stage in Orlando winning her second Olympia title in a row in the division. If Schwarzenegger does not accept this offer, Villegas still plans to give back to the division.


Villegas will still shell out $20,000 if her offer is rejected. She will spread this out over three shows. Villegas plans to give $10,000 to the winner of the 2022 Texas Pro and $5,000 each during two different shows. These two shows are yet to be determined.

“My offer stands, however if it is not accepted, here is what I am going to do to support my category:

I’ve decided to spend $20,000 out of my pocket this coming year to support the Women’s Physique division at multiple Pro shows: $10,000 for the 2nd annual “Sarah Villegas Women’s Physique Distinction Award” that will be awarded to the WPD winner at the 2022 Texas Pro, and two additional $5,000 first place checks that will be awarded to the first place WPD winners at 2 other Pro shows (shows TBD).”

It is unknown is Schwarzenegger plans to accept this offer but even if he does not, Villegas does not condone negative comments toward him. She made it a point to speak highly of Schwarzenegger and all he has done for the sport of bodybuilding.

“Ps. I respect Arnold for the athlete and the pioneer he has been, so please no negative comments towards Arnold or The Arnold Sports organization. I’m doing this in a positive way to support the Women’s Physique category, the category that I love so much. #WeAreWomensPhysique  #WPDstrong ✊”

Sarah Villegas is attempting to make moves strictly for the love of the Women’s Physique division. This is a story that will have a chance to add more information if a response if made from Schwarzenegger or his company.

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