Product Review: How SBD Wrist Wraps Offer Support & Protection

These wrist wraps will allow for maximal effort without any hesitation.

Product Overview

When lifting big, we would all love the luxury of not having to worry about the stability of our joints for fear they may let us down. Can you blame them? With all the constant wear and tear they suffer through our grueling workouts and everyday life activities, it is amazing they do what they do. But that fear is real and proper form and technique come into play greatly especially the more weight you add on. But fear not. SBD Wrist Wraps are here for you to provide high quality support and protection for your wrists and your lifts to keep you stable and strong without any fear of injury.

Wrist wraps are used for a variety of reasons to enhance your lifts and offer serious protection. They can stabilize the wrist to provide for solid form and support high volume and intensity workouts. Providing a comfortable feel, they can enhance your grip promoting overall growth and even support a healthy recovery especially after a wrist injury. As we push ourselves to the absolute max every day with our workouts, it is important to remember not to neglect any aspect of ways to protect our body from negative repercussions.

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SBD is a high quality company and a leader in sports and exercise equipment. Working with top coaches, sports medicine experts, and other fitness leaders around the world, they produce top-tier products to improve all aspects of athletes’ lives, training, and competition. While the sports landscape continues to evolve, especially with sports like Strongman and powerlifting, so had SBD’s mission to provide innovative and updated products for all athletes of all levels to thrive. By staying compliant with rules and regulations of competitive bodies, their equipment is trusted and high quality for all of your needs.

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SBD Wrist Wraps Highlights

SBD brings these great wrist wraps to consumers that are perfect for training, repetitions, and competition use. The flexible wrist wraps are designed for easy self wrapping and offer great versatility in your movements while the stiff wrist wraps are designed for optimal support to maximize work effort and offer that snug stability. With two options to choose from, SBD covers all of your wrist wrap needs for your desired goals.

With a heavy-duty thumb loop and manufactured alongside a main wide elastic, these are designed for powerlifters and strongmen to succeed in big lifts. An industrial fastener ensures longevity and security and equal wrapping for each hand makes sure the weight stays balanced. Approved for USAPL, IPF, and USPA, these wrist wraps are great for all of your needs.

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Products Details

Flexibility Options

SBD has two options to choose from when it comes to its flexibility options. The more flexible options allows for easy self-wrapping and is great for adding versatility to all of your movements. It will provide for a comfortable fit without being too tight and adding unwanted compression. While the flexibility is nice, for those looking to lift big, it may be a little too flexible for your liking. That’s where the more stiff option comes in. Designed for maximal effort and total output, the more stiff option will allow for great stability when it comes to compression and that snug fit for big lifts. Depending on your preference, this will be the way to go for maximum support and stabilization.


SBD wrist wraps are designed with powerlifters and strongmen in mind. SBD knows just what it take to work hard in these sports and works to make all of their products compliant with governing bodies like USAPL, IPF, and USPA. The proprietary wide elastics are developed and manufactured specifically for wrist support and the heavy duty thumb loop complements this well. An industrial fastener ensures longevity and security offering a durable and safe solution to keeping this wrist wrap in place.

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Price & Effectiveness

SBD offers these wrist wraps to add protection and provide great wrist stability for any big lift. With two wrap options in flexible or stiff, and three sizes of small, medium, and large, these wraps come at a price of $42.50.

Pros: Two options are great for you to choose a more flexible or stiff wrap. Durable and designed for powerlifters and strongmen, it is competition approved so you can use it for all aspects of training and events.

Cons: A premium priced option that is only available through their website.

Showcased Athlete

Oleskii Novikov took home the grand prize and title of World’s Strongest Man 2020 in an epic battle at this year’s competition. Holding off close second and third place competitors, Novikov managed to hang on for the title and used SBD gear to help him get there. As a sponsor of this event, SBD continues to work hard to bring top quality products to the fold for all athletes to thrive with. Novikov is certainly just one of many examples of how top tier athletes use SBD to power their workouts and training. Being competition approved, SBD has all areas of your performance covered making this company a trusted and quality source for your equipment needs.

Overall Value

SBD Wrist Wraps are high quality and durable for all of your wrist support and stabilization needs when it comes to training and performance. With two options, all of your needs are covered for whatever your preference and the comfortable feel of both make this a great option for any lift. From a reputable company and leader in the fitness world, you can be sure that SBD has you covered with your needs in mind. What you are really getting is a top-tier wrist wrap from a great company to keep you safe and effectively lifting for big gains. Check out SBD Wrist Wraps and see what these can do for you today.

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