Former 212 Olympia Champ Shaun Clarida To Compete In Men’s Open This Month

Shaun Clarida is prepared to venture into a new category of bodybuilding.

Shaun Clarida has been one of the top competitors in the Men’s 212 division for years now. After reaching the pinnacle of 212, Clarida announced that he will venture into a new world of bodybuilding and compete in Men’s Open later this month.

Clarida took to Instagram on Tuesday morning to make the announcement. He will appear on stage during the Legion Sports Fest in Reno, NV. This event will take place from Oct. 22-24 with some elite competitors scheduled to make an appearance.


They said I wasn’t a GIANT KILLER because I never competed in the open, well, ask and you shall receive! #ChallengeAccepted

Shaun Clarida is coming off a second-place finish at the 2021 Olympia in the 212 division. This comes one year after his championship during the 2020 competition. Clarida has finished in the top three in each of the last three years. This year, Derek Lunsford was able to get over the hump and defeat Clarida in the Olympia.


Clarida acknowledges the challenge that competing in Men’s Open will be and this is something that drew him to the competition. He wants to prove that he can hang with some of the biggest athletes in the sport. While addressing his intention to compete in Men’s Open later this month, Clarida made it clear that he is not leaving the 212 division.

“*It’s always been my plan to do an open show to give myself a new challenge and ultimately just have fun. I’ve always said timing is everything, so after placing 2nd at the Olympia, already being in shape and having absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, this is a great opportunity to show that I’m not just a good 212 bodybuilder but a good bodybuilder period!,” Shaun clarida wrote.

(P.S I’m NOT leaving the 212 Division)”

In his Instagram post, Clarida shared the list of competitors scheduled to compete at the Legion Sports Fest. Cedric McMillan and Patrick Moore are on the list and will give Clarida immediate competition. Regan Grimes is also set to appear along with Maxx Charles. The list continues with the likes of Sergio Oliva Jr., who continues to be one of the best posers in the game.

After looking at the list of competitors, there is no doubt that Clarida will be challenged. This is something that the New Jersey native is looking for.

Clarida competed in his first Olympia 212 back in 2015. He has not missed one since that night and it seems like he will continue to be a force in the division moving forward. This venture into Men’s Open will only continue to strengthen Clarida’s game and his physique.

Shaun Clarida will look to prove that he can hang with the big boys in Men’s Open. This will be an event to watch to see how the 212 competitor matches up.

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Greg Patuto
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