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Sense isn’t always common, but injuries are.

The idea of getting an injury while training is always at the back of your mind when you go to get a session in at the gym. It may not be an active concern, nothing that you’d constantly be thinking about while training, but somewhere in your mind you may hear that little voice telling you to try your best not to tear a ligament or destroy your rotator cuff. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind to stay injury free while at the gym.


Warm Up

It’s essential that when you first start your workout you warm up. Going to the bench and lifting 500 pounds just as you get to the gym may sound like an awesome feat, an accomplishment worth bragging about, maybe it is. But if you wish to maintain some longevity while training then you’re going to need to build up to that point. When it’s time to lift be sure to start off with lighter weight then gradually build. By the time you get to 500 pounds your body will be prepared for the stress you put on it.


Know Your Limit

You wouldn’t believe how many first timers enter the gym with an overzealous attitude. They want to do everything right this minute, they want to lift heavy and gain mass right now. The truth of the matter is that whether or not you engage in regular exercise you’re going to have to know your own limits and set goals for yourself. Setting reasonable goals and adhering to a specific strategy will have you seeing results in no time. Most of all it’ll keep you from pushing too hard and burning yourself out. Learn your workout threshold, make realistic goals, and follow them closely and you’ll be climbing up the latter in no time.


Use Proper Technique

Again, the notion of rushing into things will never end well. Learning the mechanics of each exercise, whether it’s squatting or performing a deadlift, will prevent pointless injuries. Understanding technique is key to training properly in any sport. At a certain point, many people start pushing themselves so hard – in a desperate search for the pump – that they start to forget or ignore proper form. This will lead to a world of hurt. The key is to see how a more advanced and competent a trainee does things and mimic their movements to avoid pulling something. You’ll thank yourself for your patience in the future.


Clean Diet

Common wisdom would tell you that a car isn’t going to run very well on a can of soda and neither is your body. Want your car to make a 50 mile trip across state? Then you better fill it up with gasoline. You want your body to be able to handle an intense workout? Then you better choose your meal plan properly. Pizzas and burgers may be okay as cheat foods, but they shouldn’t be apart of your primary diet. Get some lean beef, some eggs, and greens on the plate if you want your body to run properly and avoid needless injuries. The worse your nutrition the more likely you’ll end up pulling something out of place.



Before you even get to the gym you better make sure you’re good and rested before putting yourself through the ringer. Your body requires rest to recuperate from a hard training session, to rebuild and allow muscle growth in order to see results. Without proper rest you’re just asking to get injured the next time you set foot in a gym. Staying up late can be fun when you have some down time, but you better believe you’ll pay for those late nights when it’s time to lift heavy the following day.

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