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Stan Efferding looks to add strength and performance to bodybuilding.

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Most of you know Stan Efferding for a few reasons. He is known as one of the strongest bodybuilders of all time. He is also known for his recent appearance on Shark Tank and the success of his product The Kooler. And above all else – he was one hell of a bodybuilder, strongest or not. Now Efferding is taking part in the creation of a brand new league in bodybuilding – one that looks to change the game when it comes to how bodybuilders actually compete.

Mixing powerlifting/strongman with bodybuilding aesthetics, the new Super League will have bodybuilders be judged based not only their physique but also for their strength and performance. They will be tasked with lifting in competition while also looking aesthetically pleasing. This means no drying out before a big competition. It also means you cannot look like a hulking strongman in order to put up more pounds.

I found this new league to be very interesting and, if done right, a great way to inject much more energy into an already prestigious sport. That’s why I sat down with Stan Efferding to talk in more detail about this new league. You can check it out in our interview above.

– Vlad Yudin

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