Stanimal De Longeaux gives us a look into the personal mindset of his friend Shawn Rhoden during sexual assault accusations.

In 2019, the bodybuilding world was shocked when sexual assault accusations against Shawn Rhoden were made public. A quick fallout ensued with the Olympia suspending Rhoden from being able to compete and defend his title until the matter was cleared up in court. The long process is still going on now with no immediate end in sight. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, friend to Shawn Rhoden, Stanimal De Longeaux, shares a personal look into Rhoden’s mindset during these controversial times.

Stanimal is a bodybuilder that started out in Men’s Physique, moved up to Classic Physique, and has no recently decided to bump up into Men’s Open. Throughout this evolution he also became friends with Shawn Rhoden as they trained together.

With the accusations made against Shawn Rhoden still going through the long legal process, Stanimal has still been training and spending time with Rhoden as he tries to move forward during these controversial times in his life. Until the legal process completes, there’s not much Shawn can say publicly. The courts will ultimately decide if he is innocent or guilty.

When we sat down with Stanimal, we dove less into specifics of Shawn Rhoden’s legal problems surrounding the accusations and focused more on his mental state and mindset. How does publicly being accused of such a serious crime affect a person? Does it change his worldview? His view on bodybuilding and the Olympia? Stanimal shares what he has personally witnessed in Shawn over this past year while remaining respectful of his privacy.

You can watch Stanimal share some insight in our latest GI Exclusive interview above!


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