Should Phil Heath have had his seminar on Kai Greene’s regular gym?

Not too long ago, Phil Heath held a special seminar where he sat down with an intimate group of fans and let them in on who the real Phil is and how he felt about moving forward post 50th Mr. Olympia. But many were quick to point out – why have the seminar at the East Coast Mecca, Kai Greene’s gym? This is the Predator’s home turf after all. Well we were able to grab a quick interview with Steve Weinberger himself and find out from the judge and owner whether or not Phil belongs in “Kai’s gym.”

He also takes the time to share with us his thoughts on the Phil/Kai rivalry. Is this the biggest rivalry of all bodybuilding time? And how does it compare to the Pumping Iron rivalry of Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Lou Ferrigno. Find out all the answers in the video above!

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