Steve Weinberger answers if Chris Bumstead is the prime example all Classic Physique competitors should aim for.

With a second Olympia title under his belt, Chris Bumstead has proven that his dominance in the Classic Physique division was no fluke. What was once a young division is starting to gain legs and many fans believe an identity is finally forming over what Classic Physique should look like. Many have argued that Chris Bumstead is the prime example of that look. We turned to IFBB Pro Head Judge Steve Weinberger for his thoughts on this mindset. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Steve Weinberger answers whether or not Chris Bumstead is the ideal Classic Physique look.

The battle between Breon Ansley and Chris Bumstead was one of the more anticipated moments of the Olympia 2020 weekend. Ultimately, the battle was a shocker for a different reason. Breon Ansley landed third place behind Bumstead and Terrence Ruffin.

We spoke with IFBB Head Judge Steve Weinberger for his breakdown of the Classic Physique lineup at Olympia 2020. Specifically, we asked him if Chris Bumstead’s win solidified that his package is the ideal look for the division. In short, Weinberger said no. He then went on to explain.

Steve Weinberger believes that the Classic Physique division is still wide open for all different physique structures to dominate. He makes a point to say that Breon Ansley, for example, only placed third because he was off from his previous showings. Had Ansley presented a better physique, he could have still won the competition.

This then led to a discussion about how height affects the judging for the Classic Physique division. In general, it’s been noted by fans that bodybuilders need to hit a certain height range to be most successful. If you’re too tall, you have more physical distance for your muscles to cover. If you’re too short, you don’t have enough. This applies to all divisions including Classic Physique.

But with Classic Physique, the weight limit is also determined by height. This has begged the question about whether or not there is an idea height that is best to succeed in the Classic Physique division. Steve Weinberger dismisses this notion.

In relation to our original question of the “ideal Classic Physique look,” Weinberger believes that height has little to do with it. That’s exactly why there is a weight limit based on height. This is meant to keep the proportions similar to what judges are looking for in a classic physique.

While the division as a whole has started gaining some age, it’s still overall young. Steve Weinberger thinks that we are still many athletes who can threaten Chris Bumstead regardless of height or overall structure. That’s what makes the division so exciting. There are many athletes of all types that can do some real damage.

So far there has not been anyone to earn more consecutive Olympia victories than two in a row. We are still a far cry from finding a Flex Lewis, Phil Heath, or Ronnie Coleman in this division. Can Chris Bumstead be that athlete? It’s possible. There are also many other athletes ready to improve and take that trophy from him. Only time will tell who will become the first long term dominating champion.

You can watch Steve Weinberger breakdown his thoughts on the Classic Physique Olympia lineup in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.

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