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Strength Training vs. Bodybuilding Training.

It’s no secret. If you’re coming to this website and reading this article you’re undoubtedly here to learn how to not only get swole, but get defined as well. You’re here because you want to look like you’re cut out of granite and you’re looking to turn heads. Getting in great shape is something that we all wish to aspire to at some point in our lives. But in order to see some great gains and begin to look ripped then you’re going to have to understand a few things.

Fitness and bodybuilding aren’t the same. If you want to make the kind of gains that see you getting shredded in short order then understanding the fundamentals is essential. One such fundamental ideology is that strength training and bodybuilding are two different things, but they’re not without their connections. In many ways they effect each other, strength training more so. Take these tips into consideration.

Strength Train First for a Great Foundation

It’s an inevitability. If you want to get big then you’re going to have to lift heavy at some point. Lifting 10 lbs weights isn’t going to get you anywhere in terms of gaining size and strength. In reality you’re going to want to start off your training focusing on strength rather than size and definition. By building a foundation on strength work you’ll acquire the fundamentals you’ll need once you start focusing on sculpting your physique. Focus on strength because you’ll build up muscle which for a newbie is great course of action.

Eating: Strength Training vs Bodybuilding

Food is a major factor when it comes to strength and bodybuilding training. When it comes to bodybuilding counting calories and watching your intake is fundamental to making the kind of gains you seek. If you want to cut body fat and look ripped and striated then you’ll need to watch what you’re putting in your mouth. Strength training on the other hand doesn’t require you to eat “clean” so to speak. Food gives you energy for sure, but the kind of food you have is what will get you looking lean.

Pacing Your Reps for Increased Size

When it comes to growing your muscles, increased tension (heavy weights) isn’t the only key to the equation. It’s something that many people don’t take under consideration and that’s pace. If you do 8 reps of a one exercise but fly through the routine, the likelihood that you’re getting everything out of the lift is pretty slim. With the increased tension you’re going to want to slow your pace so that the muscles feel the full strain of the weight. The more tension your muscles receive the more the muscles grow. To get the most out of a heavy lift be sure to get full extension as well as lift at a pace that’s sure to push your muscles to their limit.


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Jonathan Salmon
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