generation ironIs your protein powder doing you more harm than good?

Being a bodybuilder is in no way, shape or form an easy thing. You have to eat right, follow your macro nutrition, and work hard in the gym to see the fruits of your label come to fruition. When it comes to building bulk the key to increasing your muscle mass lies in the consumption of protein and in no small amounts either. Protein, along with carbohydrates and fats, is the essential nutrient for building desired muscle mass. But not everyone can eat lean steak and chicken to get themselves into top form. For those who don’t have foods with protein throughout the day, they supplement the nutrient with other products like pills are protein powders.

Supplementation is as important as anything else when it comes to getting a lean and shredded physique. You can’t make lemonade without lemons and you can’t build muscle without protein or protein supplements, those are just facts. But it’s looking like all the supplements that bodybuilders rely on may be more dangerous than anyone could have imagined.


A recent study has revealed the muscle building supplements, such as pills and powders, could be causing male users to develop testicular cancer. It’s certainly a hard pill to swallow for anyone in the pursuit of gains, but according to the study, muscle building supplements can be doing some major damage to your body. You can read the report in detail here.

If this study is true then it could be a major blow to not only the supplement industry but for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike. Only time will tell if this study is one hundred percent accurate, but until then it will cast a shadow of supplementation and cause individuals to question whether or not they should be relying on protein supplements for their gains.

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