Tavi Castro To Compete At The Sheru Classic In Attempt To Earn Pro Card

Tavi Castro fell just one place short of earning his pro card in February. He’s attempting an immediate second attempt at the Sheru Classic.

At the NPC Worldwide Festival Regional last weekend, Tavi Castro made it clear that he was on a very impressive mission – to earn his pro card and qualify for the Olympia 2020 all in one year. His first step was to win the regional bodybuilding competition – which Tavi pulled off. This allowed him to immediately compete the following day in the NPC Worldwide Festival Pro Qualifier competition in Classic Physique. Unfortunately, he placed second and did not receive a pro card.

But Tavi Castro has no plans to back down from his goal of competing in the Olympia 2020. Which is why he recently announced that he will be competing at the Sheru Classic pro qualifier event this weekend on March 1st. Pivoting slightly from his original plan, if he is able to earn a pro card at the Sheru Classic – it will only put him one week behind his original goal. This would give him more than enough time to focus on preparing his physique for an IFBB pro Olympia qualifier bodybuilding competition.

Tavi Casto’s focus on becoming an IFBB pro and competing at the Olympia 2020 comes after quite the controversy in Tavi’s personal life. He is currently in the middle of a legal battle for the ownership of his clothing company, Body Engineers. His partner claims that Tavi is mismanaging finances and should lose ownership of the brand. Tavi alleges that he is being extorted.

As the legal battle plays out in slow real time, Tavi is choosing to focus on positivity by embedding himself deeper into the bodybuilding world through earning his pro card. It’s an admirable goal – and will be interesting to see if his physique will be a threat to mainstays like Breon Ansley and Chris Bumstead.

Tavi Castro might be one step closer as of this weekend. If he earns a pro card, his only focus will be to bring a package together that can take down other IFBB pros. If he can do that – we might see him at the Olympia against some true greats and see how he stacks up.

Stay tuned to the Generation Iron Fitness Network for more updates on Tavi’s journey and other bodybuilding news.

*header image courtesy of Tavi Castro’s Instagram



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