Tavi Castro Wins NPC Worldwide Festival Regional Competition In Classic Physique

Tavi Castro wins his first Classic Physique regional competition, his first step towards competing at the Olympia 2020.

Tavi Castro just won his first regional competition after returning to competitive bodybuilding. Tavi is a bodybuilder and entrepreneur known for his incredible physique, music as a DJ, and owner of Body Engineers. Tavi stepped down from competing years ago – focusing on his music career and his clothing company. But when the Classic Physique division was introduced, Tavi decided it was the perfect class for him to return and start competing again. His goal? To earn his pro card and get qualified for the Mr. Olympia 2020 all in one year.

His first step was to compete in the NPC Worldwide Festival Regional and Pro Qualifier. An opportunity for him to win both a regional and pro qualifier in one weekend – ultimately earning him a pro card. And it appears the first half of this step was just completed as Tavi announced on Instagram that he won the regional contest in Classic Physique.

Now having won the regional, Tavi Castro will compete tomorrow in the pro qualifier show. If he earns first place, he’ll receive a pro card and entry into the IFBB. Step two will then involve Tavi competing in an Olympia qualifier IFBB competition, earning first place and entry into the Olympia 2020. Could Tavi Castro pull off becoming a pro, qualifying for Olympia, and winning the Classic Physique Olympia all in one year? That would be quite the impressive feat.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Tavi Castro – but we’ll have an update on his journey in just 24 hours with the results of the NPC Worldwide Festival Pro Qualifier competition tomorrow.

Tavi Castro’s competition prep was filled with more hurdles than usual. He is currently in the middle of a lawsuit involving his clothing company Body Engineers. Tavi’s assets have been seized by a partner in the company – who is claiming that Tavi is mismanaging the company after taking out loan payments and being unable to pay them back. Tavi is alleging that he is being extorted. You can check out our GI Exclusive interview with Tavi Castro explaining his side of the story right here.

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