Terrence Ruffin And Urs Kalecinski Get Together For Massive Arm Workout

Terrence Ruffin and Urs Kalecinski continue to be contenders in Classic Physique and showed off a massive arm day.

Classic Physique has quickly turned into one of the most popular divisions in bodybuilding. The talent has gone beyond three-time Olympia champion Chris Bumstead. There are many who can contend on a year-to-year basis and this is why Classic Physique has a chance to take over the sport. Recently, two titans of the division, Terrence Ruffin and Urs Kalecinski, got together for a massive arm workout.

Ruffin is coming off his second-consecutive Arnold Classic title. Kalecinski was crowned champion at the 2022 Boston Pro. It is likely that both competitors will now focus on Olympia prep after top-five finishes in 2021 — Ruffin (runner-up) and Kalecinski (4th).

The workout video was shared to Terrence Ruffin’s YouTube page. Along with Urs Kalecinski, there was a huge workout put in at The Pro’s Gym in Columbus, OH.

“We got goals — Olympia December 2022, and I’m really excited to start making the improvements I need to make to be at my best at that show,” Ruffin said.

Terrence Ruffin and Urs Kalecinski kept it short and simple during this workout. It began with cable lateral raises to warmup. The bodybuilders did not reveal the number of sets or reps they completed during this workout.

The duo continued with triceps extensions. This exercise looked like an overhead cable triceps extension. This is because Ruffin and Kalecinski kept their elbows in front of their bodies and their arms were parallel to the floor. The workout ended with a superset of chest-supported biceps curl and seated biceps curl. The final set included a drop set on each exercise along with a static hold on seated bicep curls. And of course, the workout cannot be completed without a posing session where the bodybuilders conditioned their muscles for competition.

Bodybuilding in all divisions is about mass but Classic Physique includes other elements as well. They focus on conditioning along with symmetry of the muscles, including V-taper and a marrow waist.

Terrence Ruffin and Urs Kalecinski are reasons why Classic Physique is in an incredible spot moving forward. After victories this season, the sights are set on the 2022 Olympia, which will take place from Dec. 16-18 in Las Vegas. This workout is one example of the work that is being put in already.

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