Terrence Ruffin Shows Off Massive Back And Biceps Workout

Terrence Ruffin is primed and ready for a big 2022 season.

There has been a clear top tier in Classic Physique bodybuilding and Terrence Ruffin is right near the top of the list. The reigning Arnold Classic champion looks as determined as ever to take the next step toward winning his first Olympia title. That is the ultimate goal for Ruffin and he recently shared a huge back and biceps workout during a recent training session.

Ruffin shared the video on his YouTube page for viewers to check out. He began by eating oats and peanut butter for breakfast before heading to the gym. Ruffin was training was Westside Barbell gym in Columbus, OH. 

Terrence Ruffin began the workout with single-arm lat pulldowns before moving to chest-supported rows and T-bar rows. During a back day, rows are clearly highlighted and Ruffin explained the importance of maximizing each lift. 

Ruffin’s next exercise featured resistance bands in order to utilize shoulder mobility. After this movement, Ruffin began hitting arms. He began with preacher curls followed by rope hammer curls. Ruffin then complete bicep curls while leaning to stretch out the muscle before ending his workout with a posing routine.

Terrence Ruffin implements a high-volume style when working out. He likes to complete a high number of reps in order to build up the muscles. This, combined with focusing on form, has helped Ruffin build a championship physique.

Ruffin is coming off an Arnold Classic title in 2021. He was the runner-up in this event to Alex Cambronero in 2020. Now that he has climbed one mountain, it is time to conquer another. 

Terrence Ruffin is coming off two consecutive second-place finishes at the Olympia. Chris Bumstead has three-seated at the Olympia with Breon Ansley finishing third in the previous two years. Ruffin has trained legs with Bumstead before as the two have built a relationship while competing. 

There is no doubt that Ruffin is one of the best competitors in Classic Physique. The 2022 Olympia will take place from Dec. 16-18 in Las Vegas. Before aiming for this event, Ruffin will defend his title at the 2022 Arnold Classic. 

Arnold Classic – Classic Physique Roster

Below, you can find the full list of competitors that will be looking to take home the Arnold Classic title. The event will take place from March 3-6 in Columbus, OH.

  • Breon Ansley
  • Michael Daboul
  • Urs Kalecinski
  • Peter Molnar
  • Terrence Ruffin
  • Ramon Rocha Quieroz
  • Darwin Uribe
  • Lenny Wicks
  • Divine Wilson

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