Terrick El Guindy Talks Message Sent During Arnold Classic: “It Was Hadi Choopan’s Best Physique Ever”

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Terrick El Guindy believes Hadi Choopan entered the Arnold Classic with a purpose.

The 2024 Arnold Classic is officially in the books and it was an exciting show featuring some of the biggest names in bodybuilding. This includes new champion Hadi Choopan. Judge Terrick El Guindy believes that this competition sent a clear message to the Men’s Open division and it is that Choopan is coming back for his title in October.

Choopan, the 2022 Mr. Olympia, was defeated by Derek Lunsford in November. Unhappy with results, Choopan went back to work and decided to compete at the Arnold and fight for the $300,000 prize. El Guindy believes that Choopan brought his best package ever to Columbus.

“It was a convincing victory. Conditioning, shape, posing. In my opinion, it was Hadi Choopan’s best physique ever.”

During a recent edition of OlympiaTV, El Guindy spoke on the competition as a whole. He believes that Choopan sent a message, not only to Lunsford, but to the division as a whole.

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Terrick El Guindy: “He Sent A Clear Message”

It took just three months for Hadi Choopan to make incredible improvements into the Arnold Classic. This prompted many questions from El Guindy following the competition.

“We have a lot of questions. Here’s the first question, did Hadi Choopan send a clear message to Derek Lunsford? Here another question for you, would this physique, Hadi’s possibly best physique, have beaten Derek’s physique at the Olympia?”

The original message sent was to Lunsford. Choopan wants the Men’s Open division know that he is coming back for his title. El Guindy also believes that the stage was set to send a separate message to Samson Dauda as well.

Dauda defeated Nick Walker to win the 2023 Arnold Classic title. He returned to defend his title but was beat out by Choopan once again. Dauda finished third during the Olympia, behind both Lunsford and Dauda. According to El Guindy, Dauda must respond immediately this year.

“He sent a message to Samson Dauda. You are not going to battle with me and Derek. I’m ahead of you. I’m going to win this show and the battle is between me and Derek.

The response has to be immediate. He has to respond at the Mr. Olympia with a convincing victory. Not only against Hadi but also against Derek, other wise we are going to think that this is a Derek Lunsford, Hadi Choopan party and Samson is not invited.”

The Arnold Classic always seems to set the stage for the upcoming Olympia. This year is no different. After the physique that Hadi Choopan brought to Columbus, there will be great hype surrounding the biggest show of the year.

“All these questions will be answered at the 2024 Mr. Olympia when Derek Lunsford joins Hadi Choopan on stage.”

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