Texas Man Tased Following Altercation With Police At Crunch Fitness

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David Jones was tased and arrested after refusing to leave the gym.

Police tased and arrested a name at a Crunch Fitness in Texas after an altercation that occurred after he refused to leave the gym.

On May 16, 40-year-old David Jones was kicked out of the gym and had his membership nullified after he allegedly punched another gym member. Jones returned to the Crunch Fitness and attempted to work out the very next day. Staff requested that Jones leave but he refused.

The staff at the gym notified authorities and deputies from the Amarillo Police Department arrived to help defuse the situation. That was not the case as Jones began pushing officers back using weights. In the video, you can see Jones get into a fighting stance once the weights are taken away. This is when the police officer tases the man and arrests him.

Jones has been charged with criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.


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Crunch Fitness Arrest Comes After Other Altercations

Joey Swoll has been a positive voice within the fitness community as he speaks on many issues around the country that occur in public gyms. Recently, Swoll spoke out about an incident at Planet Fitness where a woman was filming inside the men’s locker room.

The man, who Swoll calls Josh, brought this incident to the attention of the staff at Planet Fitness but they did not do anything to settle it. Instead, Josh returned to the locker room and got into a physical altercation with the two men, leading to the police being called.

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Other incidents that Joey Swoll has commented on includes ego lifters and those who do not respect the privacy and space of others. The gym is a public place and Swoll believes it must be treated with the right respect by those who use it.

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