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Let’s get technical.

For many bodybuilders out there being strong comes second to achieving hypertrophy. Bodybuilding after all is all about making muscle gains, getting as shredded and defined as possible, and building a strong and aesthetic physique. But there are a great many bodybuilders who didn’t start out with the intentions of looking like Mr. Olympia. Many bodybuilders first start their journey when they begin lifting. It’s perhaps the best way to begin the journey for more muscle rather than just jumping into aesthetics head first.

Powerlifting emphasizes strength gains more than shredding the physique and if a bodybuilder chooses to stick with that mind frame then continued muscle growth will be the prize for sticking with the strength gaining method. Why would that be the case? Well, the body will almost always reach a threshold that it can not push beyond. For example there’s only so many times you can bench press 200 lbs before the body gets used to the weight and the chest stops growing. That means more weight, as well as a tweaked diet, may be required in order to stimulate further muscle growth. If you’re a bodybuilder who emphasized pure aesthetics in the beginning it means you’ll have to get used to the idea of lifting for strength as opposed to lifting purely for hypertrophy.

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Besides benching and squatting, the best exercise for strength and muscle gains is definitely the deadlift. Unlike the bench and squat, the deadlift is a pulling exercise that can truly give a lifter tremendous strength gains. Though many may perform the exercise with ease, there are a great many who still have trouble with the technical aspects of the lift. If you’re looking to lift more and more weight, break personal records, and attain more strength then understanding the mechanics of the lift will help a great deal.

OmarIsuf is a fitness YouTuber with a tremendous amount of knowledge and connections and utilizes the two to bring some pretty informative and technical videos to the masses. In the video below Omar teamed up with the powerlifter Cody Lefever to give some pretty awesome tips on how to improve your deadlift and make some considerable strength gains.

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